• France takes control of the area.

  • France sets up a dependency in the area called Ubangi-Chari.

  • Ubangi-Chari becomes part of the Federation of French Equatorial Africa.

  • The territory achieves self-government within French Equatorial Africa.

  • The Central African Republic becomes fully independent.

  • The capital, Bangui, is hit by a severe flood, leaving up to 20,000 people homeless. 

  • Fighting between the government and rebel forces occur after rebel leader Francois Bozize seized power. Bozize's regime led to a redrafting of the constitution. Many citizens fled across the border to Chad in order to escape the violence.

  • President Bozize flees after rebel leader Michel Djotodia suspends the constitution and dissolves the parliament in a coup. 

  • Foreign support and aid agencies withdraw from the region due to an increase in violence. The International Committee of the Red Cross warns that half the population is in need of humanitarian aid.  


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