• France imposes protectorate over the coastal zone.

  • The Ivory Coast is made into a colony. 

  • The Ivory Coast becomes part of the French Federation of West Africa.

  • The Ivory Coast becomes a republic within the French Community.

  • France grants Cote d'Ivoire (also known as the Ivory Coast) independence.

  • A civil war begins between rebel Muslims and Christians.

  • Truth, Reconciliation and Dialogue Commission is launched, aimed at forging unity after post-election violence that left about 3,000 people dead and 500,000 displaced. 

  • In April 2011, after widespread fighting, Gbagbo was formally forced from office by armed OUATTARA supporters and UN and French forces.

  • UN security Council lifts embargo on Ivory Coast's diamond trade that was set in place in 2005. 

  • In October 2020, Ouattara won a controversial third presidential term, despite a two-term limit in the Ivoirian constitution, in an election boycotted by the opposition.


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