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The Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) is a not for profit membership organization. It is committed to collaborating with investors and companies in enforcing corporate governance in Asia. Its membership is composed of close to 100 leading global and regional financial institutions, pension funds, and fund managers. The website covers a wide range of topics in corporate governance by providing articles, reports, publications, and major corporate governance links in East and Southeast Asian countries. Certain content of the site is only available for paid members.

The Caux Round Table is an international network of business leaders who work with business and political leaders to strengthen private enterprise and public governance to improve the global community. Principles for Business seeks to express a worldwide standard for ethical and responsible corporate behavior and is offered as a base for better understanding among business and leaders worldwide.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is a non-profit associate of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Its goal is to encourage democracy through private enterprise and market reform. Specific articles, publications, and helpful resources regarding corporate governance can be found on the site.

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is an international, scientific non-profit association. Its main goal is to deliver impartial information on corporate governance and work to improve any issues in the area. The site offers research reports, publications, as well as conferences and lectures free of charge, but membership is required for specific reports.

This official website of the Commission of German Corporate Governance Code provides the newest version of German Corporate Governance Code and news related to corporate governance topics in Germany in order to promote transparency.

Global Integrity generates, synthesizes, and disseminates credible, comprehensive and timely information on governance and corruption trends around the world. In addition to in-depth country reports, the site offers a proprietary index that assesses the performance of various countries over multiple indicators.

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) is a non profit entity that exchanges information on corporate governance issues, examines corporate governance principles, and promotes corporate standards and guidelines. Documents and conferences on corporate governance can be found on this site and are free to download in PDF.

This is the site for the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) Corporate Governance (CG) Group. The GG group assess firms and suggest how to improve their structures and operational processes. The website includes information about the CG's framework, investment services, regional advisory programs, publications, and news. 

The Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises provide voluntary principles and standards for responsible business conduct addressed to multinational enterprises themselves. Specific guidelines targeted at Multinational Corporations outline principles and standards of behavior in areas such as: labor relations, environment, bribery, competition, taxation, science and technology. Includes specific advice on the implementation of standards and appropriate reporting procedures.

Harvard Law School's Program on Corporate Governance is focused on facilitating research and scholarship on corporate governance. The website provides working papers, upcoming events and conferences, possible courses, and other online resources that pertain to corporate governance.

The World Bank Governance page aims to develop the Governance Global Practice to aid countries in constructing strong open institutions. The page contains a variety of resources such as videos and publications relating to corporate governance, external links to supporting institutions, a library of documents, upcoming events, and a "what's new" section which lists the most current blog posts and news articles.