The Algeria Press Service provides news articles specific to Algeria. The website includes articles on economics, society, culture, sports, regions, the world, health, science, and technology. The site is available in English as well as a few other languages.

The Algiers Stock Exchange provides essential information on the markets of Algeria. Information on the website includes market regulations, prices of stocks and commodities, and economic statistics.


The Bank of Algeria is the central bank and supervisor of the Algerian banking system. The website includes sections such as general bank information, economic statistics, economic regulations, and market information. Certain portions of the website are only available in French.

The main government page for the Democratic Republic of Algeria provides essential information regarding the different sectors of the government, ministries, institutes, and other basic information on the country. Only available in Arabic and French.

The National Office of Statistics of Algeria provides statistical data for many different aspects of the country. The site includes demographic, social, and economic statistics. Available only in French.

The Regulatory Authority of Post and Telecommunications (ARPT) regulates Algeria’s post, broadcasting, and telecommunications. The ARPT is responsible for granting operating permits, giving recommendations to producers, managing the radio frequency spectrum, ensuring fair competition, improving technology and equipment, and protecting consumers. Only available in Arabic and French.