Advantage Austria is the official Austrian foreign trade promotion organization and the largest provider of services in foreign trade. This site offers access to relevant information on Austria as a business partner and includes information and advice regarding taxation, labor law, vocational training, industry-specific legislation, industry-wide advertising, and market research.

This document outlines Austria’s laws regarding the contracting of outside parties. It describes how trade representatives are to be contracted and their legal protections. Brief descriptions of Austrian Competition Law and Antitrust regulations are also given. Furthermore, links to outside resources are included. Prepared by: Barnert Egermann Illigasch Attorneys at Law. Presented in a PDF. 

The website for the Austrian Federal Chancellery provides basic information about the roles and responsibilities of both the Austrian Chancellor and the Federal Chancellery. Information about the separation of powers within the Austrian government, historical facts, and external links to the various Austrian ministries are also included. Print publications may be ordered online, while various economic reports are downloadable in PDF.

The Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Austrian healthcare industry. The site contains information for tourists traveling to Austria, physician certifications, and pediatric health. The information provided covers the Austrian healthcare system as well as more specific topics such as nutrition, diseases & medicines, and women & equality.

The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the Austrian financial services industry. The site contains a list of all applicable laws, statistics, and relevant links for different sectors of the Austrian financial services industry.

The Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) is the central bank of Austria. The OeNB contributes to the monetary and economic policy decision-making in Austria and the euro area. The institution issues a quarterly newsletter providing an analysis of cyclical developments, macroeconomic forecasts, and other important topics related to economics. Information on the website about cash management, monetary policy, and financial stability is provided in addition to numerous statistical tables regarding these areas.

Statistics Austria contains a wide range of statistical information, including industry specific data, demographic statistics, and economic indicators in Austria. The site also compiles publications, services, and surveys.

The Local is an English-language news source for Austrian events. In addition to a business and money section, this site provides other news at national and international levels. This site also displays job opportunities and apartment listings in Austria.

The Vienna Stock Exchange, or Wiener Börse, is Austria's main stock market. The website offers market data and press releases on the homepage. The site also contains various analyses and research documents compiled in cooperation with the Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management.

The Austrian Business Agency (ABA) offers free services to international investors willing to do business in Austria. Information regarding incentives, taxes, and quality of life is provided by the ABA on this website.

The "About Austria" section of the Austrian Embassy website offers information about Austria's history, economy, social structure, politics, and culture, including Austria's position in the world and economic structure. By navigating to the "Foreign Policy" section, users may find information on such topics as international cultural policy and foreign trade promotion.

The Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) consists of two divisions: Media and Telecommunications and the Postal Service. The RTR regulates these divisions by granting operating licenses to producers, setting standards and regulatory policies, ensuring compliance with legislation, mediating disputes, and encouraging the growth of technology in the sectors. The website provides information for consumers, telecom operators, and media service providers. A limited English version of the site is available.