The Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh, responsible for issuing Bangladesh currency and maintaining its value. It acts as a banker and adviser to the government, supervises the banking system of the country, and administers foreign exchange regulations.

The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics offers current and archived data of economic, environmental, and social statistics. Its role is to provide the government with statistical information to guide decision making and developmental processes.

The Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) encourages investment in the private sector of Bangladesh while providing information on various industries in the country. The site offers information on investment opportunities, news, and business laws.

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) regulates telecommunications by granting licenses and permits to operators, setting regulations and standards, monitoring compliance with legislation, setting tariffs, promoting fair competition, mediating disputes among consumers and operators, and encouraging technological innovation and investment.

The Dhaka Stock Exchange is one of the two stock exchanges in Bangladesh. Information on the capital market of Bangladesh is provided on this site. Market highlights and company information is also offered on the site.

The Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau is a government agency that focuses on the promotion of exporting goods. The site offers news, publications, and statistics on the products and services exported by Bangladesh. Some of the information available on the site is only in Bengali. 

This website is the official government website for Bangladesh. It provides a listing of departments with in-depth information about each. Other useful information on this site includes a section on foreign investment, the Bangladeshi Constitution, government forms, and local newspapers. Some portions of the site only available in Bengali. 

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for overall trade and commerce related activities of Bangladesh through the implementation of proper policies and regulations as they impact global and local trade. This website has all of the information on trade and trade organizations with regard to Bangladesh.  This site is originally only available in Bengali, click the link in the top right corner of the page for the English version of the site.  

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH&FW) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Healthcare Industry within Bangladesh. This site contains information on healthcare services, budgets, and an annual report published by the MOH&FW.

The Ministry of Textiles and Jute is in charge of developing policies for the apparel and textile industry in Bangladesh. Specifically, the Ministry is focused on furthering the development of Bangladesh's apparel sector. This website contains information on current projects and policies being used by the Ministry. The site is available in English, but many of the publications and reports are only available in Bengali.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh (BSEC) is responsible for creating policies and regulating the financial services industry in Bangladesh. The site contains a list of recent press releases and important links for investors.