The Belarus Investment Guide, which is a section of the official Belarus government website, promotes foreign investment in the country. The site provides information on the investment climate, economic and business background, and key sectors of Belarus. is a portal for supporting exporters from Belarus in getting their products on the foreign market. The site includes facts on the country, foreign partners and market information, distribution network, business proposals, export regulations, business news, and a goods catalog.

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization regulates the telecommunications, post, and audiovisual sectors in Belarus. The website includes ministry information, a press center, management practices, projects, news for investors, and online services.

The Ministry of Economy in Belarus is responsible for the implementation and design of regulation that promotes economic competition and entrepreneurship while monitoring and responding to bankruptcy and monopolies in Belarus. This website contains macroeconomic data on Belarus, reasons to invest in the country, foreign economic and anti-monopoly policies, business reforms, and news and publications.

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus is the central bank of the country, operating as a government agency in regulating its banking and finance systems. The site includes general information, legislation, statistics, banking and payment system information, and publications.

The National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus is the official institution in charge of collecting and publishing statistics on various parts of the country. Its website includes the structure of statistics collected, official country statistics, population censuses, sample surveys, events, news, and publications.

This is the official website of the Republic of Belarus. The site includes general information about Belarus and its government as well as facts on traveling and doing business in the country. A press center with news and photos can also be viewed.

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes establishment and development of business relations between the Belarus and foreign companies. The site includes online services, projects, business information, and upcoming events.

The Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange is the main source of information on prices and other characteristics of transactions in financial assets traded in the country's organized market. The site contains information on the foreign exchange, forwards market, and stock markets, as well as data on exchange rates, trading volume, and other indices.

The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry, also known as Belneftekhim, is an agency that promotes safety in crude oil production companies, oil product sales, chemistry and scientific research, and development in foreign markets in Belarus. The site contains information about the agency itself, investments, licensing, and recent news. Although an English version is available, content is extremely limited. 

The Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS STAT) is an official source of statistical information on social and economic situations in the CIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan). Site content includes press releases, forecasts, publications, and statistical data on numerous economic indicators related to each CIS country.