The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) provides information on the population and economy, such as statistical data including an annual survey of trade and monthly reports on the Brazilian economy. Some information on the website is only available in Portuguese.

B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão is one of the world’s largest financial market infrastructure companies, providing trading services in an exchange and OTC environment. B3 is a public company traded under ticker symbol B3SA3 on the Novo Mercado premium listing segment and its stock is tracked by the Ibovespa, IBrX-50, IBrX and Itag indices, among others. 

The Brazil Competitiveness Report, published by the World Economic Forum, provides a comprehensive overview of the country’s latest reported competitiveness landscape, highlighting strengths as well as problematic areas. The publication explores issues such as infrastructure, public institutions, environmental sustainability, business sophistication, foreign direct investment, and innovations in the agribusiness sector.

This document focuses on agency and distribution agreements in Brazil in the context of the Civil Code. It lists the particulars of these types of agreements as well as details on how they are handled in the Brazilian court system. Prepared by: Bichara, Barata & Costa Advogados.

B2Brazil is a B2B marketplace for promoting trade and transactions with Brazil. B2Brazil provides a searchable online directory of Brazil's companies, as well as products and services. Online resources and tools are also available to help users conduct business in Brazil.

This Central Bank manages the Brazilian Payment System and Currency supply. It formulates and manages monetary and foreign exchange policies according to the Brazilian Federal Government guidelines.

Invest & Export Brazil offers information for potential investors in Brazil. The site also provides important addresses, information on company formation, and a listing of trade fairs.

The Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services site is a comprehensive resource for Brazilian trade. The site contains information about trade barriers, imports, and exports all dealing with Brazil. An English version of the site is available, however, the majority of pages on the site are only available in Portuguese. 

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) regulates telecommunications, post, and broadcasting in Brazil. ANATEL promotes fair competition in the industry while also promoting the innovation of equipment. ANATEL monitors radio frequency, implements legislation and standards, and arbitrates disputes among consumers and operators. The site is only available in Portuguese.

Portal Brazil serves as the official government page for the country of Brazil. The site includes information on the government, the president, and current news of the country.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) is charged with maintaining a fair and equitable financial services industry through policy development and regulation. This site contains information on the CVM, recent news, and important links.

The Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Healthcare Industry within Brazil. The site contains news, education, and knowledge resources sorted by sector. Parts of the site are only available in Portuguese.

Brazilian Journal features a wide variety of news including economic and business news. Users can search for articles through the search bar on the top right. Website is only available in Portuguese.

The National Confederation of Industry, along with the Export and Investment Promotion, developed the Brazilian Network of International Business Centers. The site provides background information about Brazil, its economy, and business and investment in Brazil. 

The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) is responsible for formulating and coordinating the Brazilian space policy. AEB promotes the autonomy and development of the space industry. The site is only available in Portuguese.

The Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP) project, a collaborative effort led by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, ranks multinational enterprises in emerging markets according to the level of foreign assets held. The project also works to strengthen international investment by providing educational services, policy analysis, as well as tools and resources through extensive research. Reports are listed by country and can be downloaded in PDF.

EBANX is an online payment provider that allows international merchants to collect payments from Brazilian consumers. The company provides over 200 merchants from over 50 countries with local payment solutions. The EBANX site is divided into sections that contain key company facts and statistics, information for users and merchants, and customer support. 

The Embassy of Brazil, located in Washington, D.C., provides information on Brazil including economic and political background, trade statistics, investment policies, export databases, newsletters, and foreign policy issues.

The Embassy of Brazil in London provides information on the evolving Brazilian economy. The site offers in-depth information regarding trade, foreign policies, tourism, and culture.

This publication of Enterprise Ireland, Exporting to Brazil, provides information on the investment climate, company structures, imports and exports, taxation, real estate, and free zones in Brazil. Opens in PDF.

The module on Brazil provides information on: the potential for doing business here; cultural practices; tips, tools, and information about typical practices in daily business; the state of logistics and transportation; current political and social issues facing the country; and important business factors that directly affect costs of doing business, including the labor force and taxes. Included is also a case study on the Amazon rainforest.

Executive Briefing: Brazil, Russia, India, and China form the so-called BRIC countries. This article summarizes the basics of the BRIC countries, including the impact on the BRIC’s by the world economy, organizing by the BRIC countries, economic and population changes in the BRIC countries, key strengths and weaknesses of the BRIC countries, and key issues for countries and firms to consider when doing business with the BRIC countries. Opens in PDF.

This is the official website of Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It provides information on subjects related to Brazil's foreign policy, such as bilateral relations, Mercosur, and international relations. The site also contains information regarding Brazil's economy, industries, culture, social policy, and environment. 

The Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) is an organization designed to promote business activities between Brazil and Norway. A calendar containing information about future BNCC events and news regarding Brazil and Norway is provided on the site.