The Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) regulates communications in Bulgaria. The CRC monitors the radio frequency spectrum, grants licenses to operators, regulates the post, arbitrates disputes, and monitors operators' compliance with legislation. The site contains news related to the CRC, available E-services from the commission, and archives of annual reports and other practical information.

The Council for Electronic Media (CEM) is a regulatory agency of Bulgaria that is responsible for electronic communications, especially the broadcasting of radio and TV. The CEM regulates broadcasts by setting standards and regulations that operators must comply with. The CEM also arbitrates disputes, protects the freedoms of consumers, and promotes fair competition in the industry. 

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) is charged with maintaining stability and transparency through policy development, promotion, and regulation. This site contains information on the FSC's projects and functions as well as relevant information in the financial services industry. 

InvestBulgaria Agency helps investors explore opportunities in Bulgaria. The site provides brief country economic information like foreign investment statistics as well as news headlines. In addition to publications, this site also provides success stories of companies that have invested in Bulgaria. 

The official government web portal of the Bulgarian government provides information on the different cabinets within the government, information on the prime minister, and general information about the government. There is also a section with news on current events involving the government of Bulgaria. 

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry is in charge of upholding the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for Bulgaria. The CAP dictates how farmers receive subsidy distributions, support payments, and rural development policies. 

The Republic of Bulgaria Ministry of Economy is responsible for the implementation and regulation of government policies as it impacts the business services industries. Specifically, this site contains updates on current news, lists of policies, and relevant statistics.

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) for the Republic of Bulgaria offers comprehensive statistical information about Bulgaria and other countries for use in comparisons and analyses. The site provides statistics on industries and information on foreign trade, business surveys, and gross domestic product. 

The Sofia News Agency offers news on numerous subjects involving the Bulgarian economy, society, and environment. The business section provides articles on various business topics concerning Bulgaria such as finance, energy, industry, properties, and tourism.

The Pari Daily is a Bulgarian resource for financial and business news and analysis published on a daily basis. It includes local as well as international news. Users can browse the most recent issue and search all previous issues. Only available in Bulgarian. 

The website for the Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters (BAATPE) is a business marketplace for resources regarding textile and clothing products made in Bulgaria. BAATPE also serves as an interface between Bulgarian manufacturers and international buyers or companies. The website provides research information regarding the apparel and textile industry as well as a listing of related events and services.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a non-governmental public organization, promotes international economic cooperation and foreign investment in Bulgaria. The website contains up-to-date business news and links to other European chambers, trade fairs, and directories. 

The Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA) is associated with the country's Ministry of Health. It is responsible for overseeing the safe production of medicines in Bulgaria. The BDA inspects laboratories, drugs, and medical devices in order to ensure the quality and safety of drug use. Their site includes useful information for citizens, medical specialists, and companies regarding medical laws, devices, and treatments.

The Bulgarian National Bank contributes to the maintenance of the stability of the national currency through the implementation of monetary and credit policy. It also assists in the establishment and functioning of efficient payment mechanisms. The site provides information on the Bulgarian payment system, financial market, and bank structure. It also offers various economic statistics.

An agency of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) includes analyses and publications on the Bulgarian economy and information on export strategy. The organization also provides services to help small businesses succeed in Bulgaria. The webpage is only available in Bulgarian.

The priorities of the Bulgarian Space Research and Technology Institute (SRTI-BAS) are to research solar-terrestrial and space physics, research and design remote sensing of the Earth, and research new space technologies. The site provides information on their research projects and events.

The Bulgarian Stock Exchange provides all of the necessary information on the markets in Bulgaria and around the world that investors would need. This site includes information on the rules of the markets and the prices of various stocks and commodities.