The India China and America (ICA) Institute is a non-profit organization providing industry-focused research, education, and strategy recommendations on the market impact of China, India, and the United States. This site provides a multitude of knowledge-based services, including research opportunities, working papers, and other publications covering issues affecting the economies of China, India, and the U.S.

Business in Asia covers business, economic, and cultural topics for Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The site also offers statistical data for each country. is an international business-to-business website aimed at helping business people find manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, and suppliers from Taiwan and China. Also available are buyer/supplier services and trade leads searchable by product category.

B2BManufactures helps provide e-business solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises in China and Taiwan. The site offers online marketing tools such as search engine optimization, an online showroom, a digital catalog, and buying and selling leads. The site also offers a directory of manufacturers and suppliers from Taiwan and China with over 8,000 categories. 

This China and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Free Trade Agreement resource outlines the details behind the 2004 free trade agreement negotiations between China and the GCC along with news articles about the negotiations. The articles provide details on the negotiations between the two sides and updates on issues concerning trade in goods.

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) is responsible for the supervision and regulation of the banking and insurance sectors of China's financial services industry. This includes making sure banks meet adequate metrics and that the Chinese depositor's interests are met. The site contains a list of notices, regulations, and reports published by the CBIRC.

China Briefing is a monthly magazine and daily news service about doing business in China. It covers topics relating to the Chinese economy and trade, human resources and payroll, and Chinese law and tax. The magazine is written in-house by the foreign investment professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates. All published materials are in English and are available for purchase on the site.

The China Daily business page offers market reports, industry statistics, and policy news for the country of China. The site provides news on the various industries within China while also monitoring the political climate.

The China Textile Industrial Corporation for Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation (CTEXIC) is an enterprise involved in running foreign aid textile engineering projects. The site includes information on textile machinery and engineering, upcoming events, as well as the program's marketing network and current projects.

This site contains information about trade and business in Asia - specifically in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Resources include write-ups on import and export regulations, intellectual property rights, and information on how to establish small businesses in Asia.

The directory is a trade directory that provides trade leads and information on trade shows, manufacturers, and products pertaining to the greater China area. Users may search by the category of products and manufacturers or browse the recently posted trade leads. The listings available on the website include products and manufacturers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Published since 1958, Beijing Review provides news and viewpoints on the Chinese economy, politics, history, culture, and international business. The business page is subdivided into the categories of finance, market watch, and legal-ease.

The official website for the Council for the Promotion of International Trade, which is composed of many Chinese organizations and businesses representative of the trade and economic sectors, is a comprehensive resource on foreign trade and investment in China. It includes information such as economic and trade news, conferences and events, domestic economic analysis, economic data, fairs and exhibitions, and laws and regulations.

Smart China Sourcing consists primarily of articles and interviews with businesses that have imported from China. The site covers topics such as supplier selection, quality control, payment, compliance, IP Rights, logistics, and business strategy. It also has helpful tips for trading in China.

Global Sources' Trade Show Center provides a directory of trade shows for countries that import Chinese and Asian-made products. Information is provided for buyers, suppliers, and trade services. Searches can be done based on trade shows in select regions, industries, or by month. A free registration is required for some of the services on the site.

This resource is the official web portal for the Government of the People's Republic of China. Publications, press briefings, and information on Chinese laws and regulations are provided. The site also includes information on a variety of topics such as travel, work, and investment in China. 

Invest in China gives information on doing business in China, including laws and regulations regarding foreign investment. The site also includes city profiles, an economic data database, and an investment project database. aims to connect Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, and traders with global buyers. The resource offers trade leads, company directories, a listing of trade shows in China, business news and opinions, and industry reports.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China website is the location for all of the announcements and laws put forth by the Chinese government regarding agriculture. The site also includes articles on hot topics in the agriculture industry and online exhibitions that delve into issues such as crop production, organic food, and fishery.

The Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China website includes news and trade information for businesses and a section on investing in China and global policy. The ministry is also in charge of all regulation of international trade as it relates to China. The site provides various economic data such as foreign direct investment, imports, and exports, as well as numerous policies and opinions.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) regulates IT in China by fairly allocating resources to producers, forming regulations and standards, monitoring producers' compliance with regulations, mediating disputes among consumers and operators, and developing efficient technology. The website provides forms for businesses to submit projects for the government's approval. It also provides data on information technology. The site is only available in Chinese.

The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics offers rich statistics on key economic indicators, which are organized by month, quarter, and year. Other statistics on the site include the consumer price index, total retail sales of consumer goods, and investment in fixed assets.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) oversees much of China’s international actions. This site contains information on the functions of the NDRC as well as recent news and policy updates.

Tex Index is one of China’s largest online marketplaces specializing in textiles and apparel. It contains a list of Chinese textile events and links to past events. The site also gives information on the major companies in the textile industry and promotes international textile trade.

The People's Bank of China has two main functions: regulation of the monetary policy and financial supervision. Under these guidelines, it approves, supervises, and administers financial institutions and the financial market industry. The site includes information on monetary policy, rules and regulations, financial stability, and statistics.

Trader China is an international business-to-business portal providing trade opportunities for global importers and Chinese exporters. It has an index of manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and product information. Products from multiple industries are listed on this site, including agriculture, automobile, chemical, apparel, computer, electronic, and industrial supply products.

Tradesparq matches buyers with Chinese suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters, by product or shipments. Search results allow you to use your network to verify potential trade partners. Also offered by the site is a customs database that allows users to search by keyword. The database is free of charge to those who register as members.

This World Chinese Business Network (WCBN) site is set up by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry to aid networking between Chinese businessmen as well as with other global business partners. WCBN provides information for numerous countries under three categories: Chinese companies, Chinese business associations, and global trade opportunities.

The business section of Xinhua Headlines provides news regarding Chinese business and politics. Headlines include news on the economy, various industries, and current events in the Chinese market. (CE) is a resource for finding trade shows and business events in China. Trade shows can be filtered by industry, organizer, city, and venue. Users can also submit events to the website.

The Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP) project, a collaborative effort led by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, ranks multinational enterprises in emerging markets according to the level of foreign assets held. The project also works to strengthen international investment by providing educational services, policy analysis, as well as tools and resources through extensive research. Reports are listed by country and can be downloaded in PDF.

The China module should provide one with a general understanding of the following: China’s market potential and hot industries; its culture and people; common situations that arise when conducting business in China; current obstacles and opportunities in logistics; the historical and current problems faced by the economy; and economic and political factors that affect the costs of doing business in China. A case study focusing on China’s rural dilemma is incorporated into this module.

Executive Briefing: Brazil, Russia, India, and China form the so-called BRIC countries. This article summarizes the basics of the BRIC countries, including the impact on the BRIC’s by the world economy, organizing by the BRIC countries, economic and population changes in the BRIC countries, key strengths and weaknesses of the BRIC countries, and key issues for countries and firms to consider when doing business with the BRIC countries. Opens in PDF.

China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) is responsible for drug administration, food safety, trademarks, and patents, as well as anti-monopoly policies. The website offers market data, information on government affairs, and services such as business registration and a small business directory. Recent news is also provided.


Taiwan & China Products Online contains product and supplier databases that allow users to search for trade leads in China and Taiwan.

The US-China Business Council (USCBC) is a nonprofit organization consisting of hundreds of American companies that regularly engage in business with China. The goal of the USCBC is to expand the relationship between the U.S. and China to stimulate the economies of both countries. Users of the USCBC website can find many economic reports, resources, and information about advocacy on the site, as well as upcoming USCBC events and press releases.