The COMESA Business Council (CBC) was established to help promote private sector growth, integrate businesses across borders, and develop the economies of COMESA member countries. The CBC is composed of business owners and economic professionals who meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas on how to improve the business climate of COMESA countries. Its site contains information about the council and its activities, policy and advocacy, and the services made available to both members and other businesses.

The COMESA Competition Commission is responsible for promoting fair competition and correcting uncompetitive practices in the region. The site provides an overview of the commission's activities, responsibilities, and COMESA-related legislation.

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) was established as an "organization of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to cooperate in developing their natural and human resources for the good of all their people". The COMESA website provides a variety of information about the trade bloc itself, economic profiles for each member country, recent news, and a media center with numerous downloadable publications.

The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) was launched by COMESA to restore agricultural growth, food security, and rural development within Western-Africa. The CAADP site provides a description of the program and its goals, investment plans, and recent news related to agricultural development. 

The COMSTAT Data Portal offers a brief overview of COMESA and includes a variety of statistical tools which provide insight on demographic, economic, and financial topics directly related to the trade bloc. The COMSTAT site also provides a country profile for each of its member countries as well as information on topics such as foreign trade, infrastructure, economy, agriculture, environment, and industry.