The official web portal for the Government of the Republic of Croatia provides news, press releases, government information, and resources that are relevant to the Croatian government.

The Ministry of Economy of Croatia web-portal provides information on the ministry itself, energy, industries, investment in Croatia, along with a few other sectors of the economy. There are also sections for press releases and news related to the economy of Croatia. Portions of the website are only available in Croatian.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Croatian healthcare industry. This site contains information on services and regulations, strategy plans, and important documents relevant to healthcare in Croatia. It is only available in Croatian.

The Croatia Zagreb Stock Exchange web-portal provides trading data and statistics, regulations, information on the Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy, market information, and useful resources for investors.

The Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS) provides expert work concerning preparation and carrying out of statistical surveys in the Republic of Croatia. It collects, processes, analyzes, and publishes statistical data on the basis of unique methodology and uniform statistical standards.

The Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) is an independent professional and business organization of legal entities engaging in business. This site offers information on taxation and foreign investment, how to start an enterprise in Croatia, economic reports, a list of relevant contact information, and upcoming events.

The Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Croatian Financial Services Industry. The site contains regulations, decrees, and statements as well as specific information sorted by applicable sector of the industry.

The National Bank of Croatia is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia and is responsible for the stability of the national currency and for general domestic and foreign liquidity. The site includes a number of financial resources as well as information on the bank itself. 

The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) goal is to promote stability, competition, and growth in the electronic communications and postal services market. The site provides market analysis and other information for both operators and consumers in the network industries.