BusinessInfo: Czech Business Web Portal provides information for businesses located in or looking to do business in Czechia. The site provides information with regards to starting, managing, and expanding a business both in Czechia and the European Union. In addition, the site provides information pertaining to the EU market, research and innovation, and finance and support.  Only available in Czech.

This Czech Exporters Directory provides information on all current exporting companies located in the Czech Republic. This site provides users the ability to search companies by name, category, or product/service. Useful material is provided through the search box on topics such as a company's contact information, address, establishment year and business line.

The Czech National Bank (CNB) is the central bank of the Czech Republic and the supervisor of the Czech financial market. The CNB site provides statistical data, economic research, and information regarding financial stability and the financial markets.

The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) regulates broadcasting in the Czech Republic. The RRTV supervises broadcasting operators to ensure their compliance with legislation, grants licenses, and monitors broadcasting content. In addition, RRTV advises broadcasting operators, manages frequencies and territorial ranges of frequencies, and regulates disputes among consumers and producers. The site provides a list of broadcasting operators. 

Czech Chamber of Commerce aims to create opportunities for business by aiding further business development and economic growth. The site provides business support information, such as various events, development projects, and customs and certification services. In addition, the site provides useful information regarding doing business in the Czech Republic and various professional associations.

Czech Space Office (CSO) is an organization that aims to develop space activities in the Czech Republic and to increase involvement of Czech research, development, and industrial institutions in international space projects. The site allows users to search through leaflets and brochures by article type, type of user, and by an assortment of programs and organizations. In addition, the site contains various project infosheets, news articles, and press releases.

This is the official site for the government of the Czech Republic. The site provides information about the government composition, news and events, and various government programs.

This is the official site for the Czech Republic for the disclosure of information on public contracts that have been awarded. The site allows users to search for the awarded contracts by various parameters, such as by name, registration number, or sponsor. This site is available in Czech only.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic provides a variety of services for businesses in the country. The site includes information in regard to business support, foreign trade, consumer protection, energy and raw materials, and industry and manufacturing. 

The Prague Stock Exchange provides information about the various indices and trades. The site provides an annual report, information regarding rules and regulations, and information about members in the exchange. In addition, the site provides information for traders and investors, price lists, and a list of investment instruments.

The State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) regulates the safe production of pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic. SUKL is responsible for the surveillance of advertising and marketing medicines and medical devices. The site contains various databases that allow users to search for clinical trials, medicinal products, and pharmacies. Articles covering the results of recent clinical trials are also posted on the homepage.

Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) contains statistical information covering several areas such as external trade, financial data, prices and inflation, regional statistics, and macroeconomic indicators. In addition, the site provides analysis and commentaries, a public database, an external trade database, and various publications.

The Czech Telecommunication Office regulates electronic communications and postal services in the Czech Republic. Additionally, the office regulates the markets and business conditions, as well as works to ensure fair economic competition. The website provides resources including publications, information on consumer protection, and telecommunications.

CzechInvest is the Investment and Business Development Agency in the Czech Republic. The site provides information for both Czech and foreign investors in several target sectors such as aerospace, automotive, life sciences, engineering, and energy. In addition, the site provides information about the Czech Republic, such as the various regions, and information about different programs that provide financial support for investments.

CzechTrade is a government agency created by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to assist in building trade relationships between the Czech Republic and economies of the world. This site includes general directories for business and government institutions in the Czech Republic and country-specific economic information for countries with trade relations with the Czech Republic. Additional information on CzechTrade services and the Czech Republic itself is also available.

Provided by GOV.UK, Doing Business in the Czech Republic is a trade and export guide that provides guidance for conducting business in the Czech Republic. The guide provides information about the growth potential and potential challenges in conducting business. The guide also provides information about various opportunities for businesses in sectors like advanced engineering, energy, life sciences, and infrastructure. In addition, the guide provides information about considerations for start-ups, law, and customs and tax.