The Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) facilitates and promotes investment in the Caribbean region. The CAIPA website includes information regarding investment opportunities and incentives, as well as general information about the economies of each of its member countries.

The Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) aims to promote Dominican exports and investments in order to make the country more competitive in regards to global trading. The CEI-RD website contains general information about the ministry itself, its services, and recent news. Other links to external Dominican resources such as ministries and institutes are available at the bottom of the website. 

The main stock exchange of the Dominican Republic, La Bolsa de Valores (BVRD), allows trading by investors and issuers to occur successfully within the country. The BVRD website includes market information and statistics, information for investors and issuers, and a "how to invest page". Site is only available in Spanish.

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic regulates the national banking and monetary system. The site features statistics, publications, regulations, and a section on the payments system. News and information on various services provided by the bank are also included on the site.

This site is the online edition of the Dominican Republic newspaper Listín Diario. The economía & negocios (economy and business) section provides current business news with a focus on the Dominican Republic and Latin America. Only available in Spanish.

Provided by the Government of the Dominican Republic, the website for the Ministry of the President highlights the role of the president and how the presidency affects the society, political atmosphere, and economy of the Dominican Republic. The site also discusses the government's current projects and programs, transparency, future goals, and recent news. Only available in Spanish.

Provided by the Government of the Dominican Republic, the National Office of Statistics (ONE) is the official institution for the collection and dissemination of statistics in the Dominican Republic. The website provides information on the office's background, services, statistics, and links to external statistical resources. Only available in Spanish.

The Superintendency of Banks (SB) is responsible for the supervision and regulation of the banking sector of the Dominican Republic's financial services industry. The site contains information on the regulations and services of which the SB controls. Recent announcements, news, and statistical reports are also provided by the site. Only available in Spanish.

The Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores del la República Dominica (SIMV), or the superintendent of the stock market is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the securities market within the Dominican Republic's financial services industry. This site contains a list of regulations, projects, services, and strategic plans for the SIMV. Only available in Spanish.

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the United States contains general facts of the country as well as information on trade and investment, the economy, and tourism. Only partially available in English.