The El Salvador Trade website provides a directory of companies in El Salvador exporting goods to other countries. Exporters are grouped by category with their respective products. Export-import statistics are also available. Only available in Spanish.

The Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador, also known as Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador, provides economic and financial information as well as links to related investment sites. The website provides recent information on interest and exchange rates, economic and financial data by sector, and an archive of economic indicators starting from 1994.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also known as Camara de Comercio e Industria, provides access to a number of services for businesses interested in investing in El Salvador. Information on the website includes mediation services between member and foreign companies, import and export advice, and general information about El Salvador. Only available in Spanish.

The Department of Finance, also known as Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero, is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the entire financial services Industry within El Salvador. The site contains statistics, regulations, and financial statements.

The Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador, also known as Organismo Promotor de Exportaciones e Inversiones de El Salvador, is responsible for implementing government regulations on exporting and encouraging exports. Features on the site include advice for exporters, support programs, foreign trade statistics, and international buyer services. There are also introductions to the country's main export sectors.

The Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador, also known as Agencia de Promoción e Inversiones, encourages investment in El Salvador by providing thorough information on the country's investment environment. The website provides information about different industry sectors, the legal framework of El Salvador, and the economic climate of the country.

The Ministry of Health, also known as Ministerio de Salud, is charged with the education, oversight, and regulation of the healthcare industry within El Salvador. The site contains a listing of news, policies, and services provided by the Ministry of Health.

The Presidency of the Republic of El Salvador, also known as Presidencia de la Republica de El Salvador, is the official website for the president of El Salvador. Included on the site is basic information on the president, different branches of the government, as well as links to the various other government agencies serving El Salvador. Only available in Spanish.

The Stock Market of El Salvador, also known as Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador, provides information on the markets in El Salvador through its website. It also offers information on market rules, regulations, various stocks and commodities, and other essential market information. Only available in Spanish.

The Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications, also known as Supertendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones (SIGET), regulates both electricity and telecommunications in El Salvador. Its website provides a variety of information regarding electricity and telecommunications. It also provides a service guide, news, publications, and announcements.