The Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C. provides valuable information about visa requirements, news from the country, and some travel/cultural insights. The "doing business in Ethiopia" section provides basic information about the country, its government and political system, reasons to invest, and key industries in the country. 

The Central Statistics Agency of Ethiopia (CSA) is responsible for generating statistical data related to the economic and social conditions of the country. The agency offers a variety of different reports including price indices, industry reports, and employment figures.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade works to ensure social benefits by establishing a transparent, fair, and competitive trade system and by generating foreign exchange earnings. The ministry's website offers information on trade policies and strategies, commercial registrations, and various financial institutions.

National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is the central bank of Ethiopia. The website has information on the structure of NBE and a brief history of money and banking in Ethiopia. There is also a chart of recent currency transaction rates available on the homepage. 

The Ethiopian Government Portal is the official website of the government of Ethiopia. The site provides different forms for citizens, business people, and foreigners. Overviews of Ethiopia and its government are also available as well as recent government news. Portions of the site are only available in Amharic.