The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) provides a series of publications like a brochure explaining the DIN, a yearly report, or a document discussing the "German Standardization Strategy." All publications are accessible in PDF.

The Deutsche Handelskammern (AHK) is a worldwide network of the German Chambers of Commerce. The AHKs offer their commercial services to support German companies in their efforts to establish new business relations or to enter new markets and are instrumental in the promotion of German business in foreign countries. There are over 120 AHKs in over 80 different countries. The site provides information on how to attain services, AHK news, and practical training. A majority of the website is only available in German.

This official website of the Commission of German Corporate Governance Code provides the newest version of German Corporate Governance Code and news related to corporate governance topics in Germany in order to promote transparency.

The German Medical Association is the central organization in the system of medical self-administration in Germany. It represents the interests of physicians in matters relating to professional policy and plays an active role in opinion-forming processes with regard to health, social policy, and in legislative procedures. The site contains information about health tips for patients and it explains how the organization will assist doctors in the medical field.

German Missions in the United States provides information about German foreign policy, business and science, culture, language, as well as information about Germany. The business section of the site provides information and resources on doing business in and investing in Germany.

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, known in German as the AUMA, is the central organization for the trade fair industry in Germany. The site provides a database of trade fairs worldwide and in Germany, as well as addresses and links to members of the Association.

This is the official website of the Berlin Stock Exchange. It contains the most current data in regards to stocks, bonds, funds, ETCs, and ETFs. The site also provides a variety of notices, as well as information about the quality of trading, fee structure, and regulations. 

Deutsche Börse Group is an exchange organization that aims to provide investors, financial institutions, and companies access to global capital markets. The site contains information on market data, current market news, and links to various trading websites, which offer different market research and trading knowledge.

Maintaining the stability of the Euro as its primary objective, the Deutsche Bundesbank is the principal bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. It acts as the guardian of the monetary reserves and the issuer of seven different banknotes. The website provides information on the bank and its regular tasks, recent news, financial topics, statistics, and numerous research publications. 

Deutsche Welle (DW) is an international broadcaster in Germany that has television lineups, radio, and online content. DW's mission is to report in-depth evaluations on up-to-date news to promote global and cultural understanding. The business section of the website provides news on different sectors of business.

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the financial services industry within Germany. The site contains information about its structure and functions, as well as topics such as supervision, consumers, international, and recent news.  

The Federal Foreign Office contains information about Germany on subjects such as entry and residence in Germany, foreign and European policy, and current issues. A library of resources, entitled "information service", is also available and provides a help desk, FAQ, publications, and newsletters related to the work of the Federal Foreign Office. 

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) is responsible for licensing and registering finished medicinal products as proof of safety and efficacy. BfArM monitors the risks of medicinal products by collecting and evaluating laboratory reports. The institute also evaluates and develops safe medical devices in Germany. The BfArM site contains information about the institute and its functions, medicinal products, and medical devices. Various research documents covering topics such as pharmacogenomics, pharmacoepidemiology, safety of medical devices, neuropsychopharmacology, special indications, and biostatistics are also available. 

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy is responsible for policy and regulatory development that impacts the business services, energy, technology, and hospitality and travel industries. This site contains information on the various trade agencies Germany is involved with, as well as statistical data and policies.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) aims to promote a balanced and healthy diet, ensuring that everyday goods are safe. The ministry assists in developing clear consumer rights and helps to ensure that the agricultural sector is strong and able to perform its duties.

Germany's Federal Ministry of Health is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the health care system and the prevention, rehabilitation, and disability policy for the country. The ministry's goals include the continuation of safeguards and further developing the effectiveness of health insurance. Its website contains information about the ministry itself, prevention, long-term care, and health. Recent topics in healthcare are also posted on the homepage.

The Federal Network Agency (BNA) is a body that regulates the telecommunications and postal sectors in Germany, among other sectors such as electricity, gas, and railway markets. For telecommunications and post, the BNA is responsible for securing fair competition, promoting telecommunications in public institutions, securing efficient frequencies, and protecting consumers by resolving problems. The BNA website provides information to users about their responsibilities in each of their respective areas along with pertinent stakeholder information. 

The Federal Statistical Office, also known as Destatis, provides statistical information about Germany covering economic indicators, countries and regions, national economy and environment, economic sectors, and society and state. There are also a number of statistical publications which can be viewed and downloaded in PDF. Recent news and press releases are available on the homepage of the site. 

The Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion Scheme (AGA-Portal) was appointed by the German government to manage foreign trade and investment promotion schemes. The site includes information on export credit guarantees, investment guarantees, and untied loan guarantees specific to Germany. Recent news on these topics is also provided on the homepage of the AGA-Portal website. Some parts of the site are in German.

DLR, the German Aerospace Center, is Germany‘s national research center for aeronautics and space. Their research also includes the fields of aeronautics, space, energy, transport, defense, and security. DLR conducts research into Earth and the solar system; it delivers important data for the preservation of our environment and develops environment-friendly technologies to enhance power supply, mobility, communication, and security. The DLR website provides overviews of their responsibilities in aeronautics, space, transport, energy, and security. Recent news related to the DLR, as well as information about its previous and current missions, is also available on the site. 

GOYAX provides business and economic news, current stock quotes, graphs, and finance tools. The site is only available in German.

Handelsblatt provides access to the internet edition of the German business and financial daily. News articles are updated daily and the site is only available in German.

Key Technologies in Bavaria is a free online database that provides information on Bavarian enterprises, research institutions, economic organizations, and government institutions. It allows you to search for products and services offered by companies in Bavarian key technologies across a broad range of industries.

This is the official website of the federal government of Germany. The site provides information including the government structure and the government position on several important issues. Recent governmental news is also available in the news section. 

The German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) represent all commercial enterprises in Germany. The IHK website provides information about its own structure and services, recent business news in the country, and a number of useful publications. Although an English version is available, the majority of site content is only available in German. 

The Media Authorities are in charge of regulating radio and television in Germany and granting licenses to broadcasting operators to ensure that producers fulfill the requirements of the legislation. The authorities also strive to create a level playing field in the industry, while also safeguarding the interests of consumers, by mediating disputes and developing equipment standards.  This site is only available in German.

WirtschaftsWoche is a German weekly news magazine. The finance page provides current news as well as stock graphs and finance tools. The site is only available in German.