The Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to promote industrial and commercial businesses in Ghana by acting as a voice of the community and through a number of information services. This site provides information about the chamber and its membership, international trade, a research bureau, and events.

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority is responsible for facilitating, developing, and promoting Ghanian exports for economic development. The site provides information for Ghanian exporters, buyers overseas, and an overview of institutional partners. In addition, the site contains market links for countries globally, an exporter directory, and trade news and events.

Ghana's main government page provides users with information about the government, background and geographical information, and projects that the government is completing. In addition, the site contains general news, reports and speeches, and additional links and resources.

Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) was created with the goal of attracting foreign investment to Ghana. The site provides information about starting a business in Ghana, reasons to invest, and sectors in the country. The site also allows users to search for investment opportunities by sector and market.

Ghana Statistical Service is the main page for all official statistics from Ghana allowing stakeholders a full view of quality country data. The site provides economic, social and demographic statistics, censuses and surveys, and allows users to request customized data. In addition, the site provides multiple databases, current projects, and publications.

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is the main facilitator to the public for the purchase and sale of bonds, shares, and other securities. The webpage provides users with current market information, a list of companies, access to training programs to become an authorized dealing officer, and market news and highlights.

The Central Bank of Ghana was established to monitor and implement monetary and fiscal policies, regulate and supervise payment and settlement systems, and regulate the financial sector as a whole. The site provides information about monetary policy, regulatory frameworks and financial laws, treasury and market information, and the banking and payments system. In addition, the site provides economic data and publications, statistical information, and the latest news and press releases.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) is Ghana's commerce ministry. The ministry ensures Ghana receives the greatest amount of benefit from international trade relations and advises the government on trade, industrial, and private sector development. The webpage provides users with links pertaining to information on doing business in Ghana as well as news, events, and policy documents.

The National Communications Authority (NCA) regulates telecommunications in Ghana by granting licenses for operation, ensuring fair competition among licensees, monitoring the quality of service, setting equipment standards, protecting consumers by providing safeguard mechanisms, and coordinating frequencies with neighboring countries. The site provides information for consumers and stakeholders, licensing and relevant projects, and recent news.

GhanaWeb provides recent and relevant news in Ghana in areas such as current domestic, international, and business news. The site also provides information about Ghana, examples include demographic and ethnic information, the composition of the government, and statistical figures.