The Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP) is the political and technical arm of the Honduran private sector and the highest level business trade organization in the country. The COHEP website contains information regarding sustainable business strategy, trade policy, and legal advice. Only available in Spanish.

The Central Bank of Honduras (CBH) formulates monetary policy, establishes the exchange rate, and acts as the major financial institution in Honduras. This site offers information on Honduras’ economic indicators, news, publications, and links to related governmental agencies. Although an English version is available, a majority of the site content is only available in Spanish. 

This is the official government page for the Republic of Honduras. It provides information about the government structure, the leader's biography, and government news. An English version of the site is available by choosing the menu and then selecting a language. 

The National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) regulates the telecommunications sector in Honduras. CONATEL promotes the modernization of telecommunications equipment, private investment, and free and fair competition. The CONATEL website provides news and notices, regulations, and information about the services they provide. Only available in Spanish.