The 2019 Nationwide Benchmarking Report on International Business Education at Community Colleges uses an IBEX (International Business Education Index) score to provide benchmarks for community colleges. The IBEX score consists of five “pillars” that are important to strategically implement international business education programs and activities at community colleges. Comparisons to previous years are also available. The benchmarking report also provides a look at international entrepreneurship education at community colleges across the nation. The study was conducted in cooperation with our partner organizations, Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) and the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE).

Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses examines internationalization efforts at U.S. colleges and universities. As a collaboration between the Ford Foundation and the American Council on Education, it looks at undergraduate attitudes, the practices and policies in place to help internationalize, and the effect on graduating students. The report is available for download in PDF.

The American Council on Education's Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) analyzes international education issues and works with college campuses in the internationalization of their studies. The website includes information on campus internationalization, CIGE's research and resources, and networking and collaboration.

Foreign language educators face the challenge of how to facilitate connections of foreign language education to international business. Patricia Ryan Paulsell and Cate Brubaker provide a guide to these educators showing best practices from five leading universities on international business education. The guide also provides the 'stakeholder' strategy to cater to the needs of the students and parents, the institutional decision-makers, and the business community. Opens in PDF.

This publication, assembled by MSU-CIBER, provides resources and techniques to internationalize community college business curriculum. The publication explores collaborations among the business departments of three community/technical colleges: RMIT in Melbourne, Australia; Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Dundalk Institute of Technology in Dundalk, Ireland. Throughout the publication, the collaboration between these schools and their real-world clients is detailed in terms of its challenges and successes, with the eventual goal of increasing the skill set of students so that they can be competitive in their future global business pursuits. 

Internationalization of Higher Education: Towards A Conceptual Framework discusses some of the rationales and approaches to internationalization in higher education. It also includes discussions on potential frameworks that could be used, as well as the meaning of the term "internationalization." Available in PDF. 

Internationalizing Community Colleges: Barriers and Strategies by Madeleine F. Green, former vice president of international initiatives at the American Council on Education, identifies what makes internationalization a basic component of a community college and what some of the barriers to internationalization are. This article is only available in PDF.

The first in a series of reports looking at issues of internationalization and international business education in community colleges, this paper focuses on how presidents drive internationalization on community college campuses. This paper focuses on the internationalization at community colleges at a personal level, community level, institutional level, and also provides a three-pronged approach for implementation.