This is the main government page for the Italian Government, which includes official press releases, statistics, and information on Italian foreign relations and domestic policies. This resource is mostly in Italian but does contain a small portion of English sections.

The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) promotes good health through medicines by setting pharmaceutical policies and assuring their consistent application nationwide. AIFA promotes pharmaceutical research and development to further the safety and efficiency of drugs and medical devices. The site provides information on pricing and reimbursement, medical and scientific information, assessment and registration, and inspections and certifications.

The Italian Space Agency (ASI) is a significant player in space science, satellite technology, and the development of mobile systems for exploring the universe. The site provides users with educational information as well as current news, missions and projects, and a deeper look into the agency.  Some parts of the site are only available in Italian.

The Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ITA) provides contact information for Italian firms interested in trading with a particular country, information on Italian laws and regulations, detailed profiles of Italian consultancy companies, and statistical information relating to trading with Italy. Training programs aimed at entrepreneurs or civil servants from developing countries and economies in transition are also offered.

The National Institute of Statistics (Istat) acts as the central institution for statistical information in Italy. The site includes indices on several economic sectors, news, and statistical tools. Users can find an assortment of statistics listed by territory or theme on the site.

This document defines Italy’s restrictions associated with freedom of contract regarding agency agreements and distribution agreements, as well as the differences between them. This resource also specifies the legal issues including exclusivity and non-compete provisions, choice of law, competition law issues, taxes, and international conventions. Prepared by: DS Avvocati Santa Maria Tristano Ziccardi.

The Authority for Communications (AGCOM) regulates communications in Italy by implementing licenses to operators, promoting fair and accessible competition, resolving disputes, protecting copyrights, and supervising the quality and appropriateness of communication products to protect consumers. The site provides statistics on telecommunications in Italy, information on postal services, and access to a user section for consumers. This website is only available in Italian.

The Borsa Italiana is charged with the responsibility of managing the Italian stock exchange. Information is provided on stocks, ETFs, funds, derivatives, and bonds. On the site, users can learn about different markets, stock options, how to take a business public, read up on new regulation information, and analyze statistics.

Invest in Torino Piemonte is an Italian regional service agency devoted to aiding foreign and domestic industries interested in doing business in Piemonte, in Northern Italy. They offer complete assistance to companies desiring to locate in Piemonte as well. The site provides services such as helping with the development of prospective companies and giving comprehensive information about all aspects of Piemonte.

Invitalia, under the Italian government mandate, is the national agency for inward investment promotion and enterprise development to promote opportunities and encourage investment. This site provides information about new initiatives, current projects, and investment opportunities. 

The Ministry of Economic Development is responsible for a wide variety of policies, including economic development and cohesion, energy and mineral resources, telecommunications, internationalization, and business incentives. Specific resources on the site are available in English. Otherwise, the site is in Italian.

The Ministry of Health has been assigned the responsibility to look over the healthcare, veterinary healthcare, and occupational healthcare industries, as well as coordinate national health services and regulate hygiene and food safety in Italy. The site offers information on the ministry such as the functions, organizations, and information on the National Health Council. The site provides tools and services for users. Only available in Italian.

The National Commission for Society and the Stock Market (CONSOB) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the Italian Financial Services Industry. The site contains a list of laws and resources, as well as an education section that covers basic legal financial material.

The Bank of Italy advises the legislative and executive branches and also provides treasury services for the central government. The web page provides users with information on services for the public, publications, statistics, the central banking system, and markets and payment systems.