Building Markets is an organization that builds markets, creates jobs, and sustains peace in developing countries by connecting local entrepreneurs to business opportunities. The site provides business portals for Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Timor-Leste, and Turkey. Relevant news, media coverage, and market overview coverage for specific countries are also available on the site.

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) is the export promotion agency in Jordan. The site provides users with information on starting a business, exporting from Jordan, trading with Jordan, and financing business growth.

The Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) is a governmental organization in support of strengthening incentives for potential investors, reducing governmental bureaucracy, and providing a one-stop service via an "investment window" in Jordan. JIC provides a single point of reference for all investors looking to explore opportunities in Jordan. Their website provides information about market access, government, demographics, and investment information.

The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the financial services industry within Jordan. The site contains a list of news, publications, and regulations as well as information on specific services provided by the JSC.

The Amman Stock Exchange is the primary stock exchange in Jordan. The website provides information on its listed securities, rules and regulations in the market, and trading statistics. The site also gives a look into the daily market.

The Central Bank of Jordan website provides users with information on the latest news from the bank. It also supplies a statistical database, information on the Jordanian dinar currency, current interest rates, laws, regulations, and publications.

The Jordan Department of Statistics (DOS) is a government agency that provides statistics on a national level. The data includes population, employment, history, and economic figures. Users also have the ability to look at statistics by sector. Publications are available for a fee. The website is available in Arabic and English.

The main government page of Jordan provides users with information regarding the many government agencies of the country. The site offers a variety of resources for its citizens, potential businesses, and investors. It is also a source for the latest news from Jordan.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade for The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is Jordan's official commerce ministry and provides users with information on many directorates in the country. Other information is provided on the country's foreign trade policy and the competition laws within the country.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is responsible for regulating the telecommunications, information technology, and postal sectors in Jordan. The TRC establishes policies for all operators to comply with, and they also grant licenses to all operators. The site lists the commission's laws and by-laws, the regulatory framework in place, consumer information, licensing, and publications.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan aims to encourage trade between the United States and Jordan. This site provides information on the free trade agreement between the two countries. The resource also includes various publications related to doing business in Jordan and the United States.