Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource for learning Arabic provides basic phrases, a guide to Arabic, as well as tips on how to learn a new language. Each situation is taught using sound bites of real people conversing.

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource for learning Chinese provides guides about pronunciation, writing Chinese characters, and essential phrases. The "real Chinese" section provides users with online lessons on what to say in a variety of situations such as introducing yourself or finding and booking a hotel. Each one of these lessons is taught using images and sound bites of real conversation.

Speak Chinese teaches the Chinese language through conversational lessons focusing on traveling and working in China. The site contains a list of popular words as well as translations for Chinese allegories, idioms, dialogues, and menu items.

Local Lingo was established with the goal of creating an online community and a resource for those interested in learning Czech. Its website offers an audio pronunciation guide and grammar overview as well as lists of useful Czech phrases and vocabulary. Also provided are language tests and exercises to test a user's translation, comprehension, listening, and vocabulary recognition skills. Furthermore it supplies resources regarding Czech translators, tutors, and learning books.

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource provides interactive lessons about basic french phrases, vocabulary, and grammar to help users learn how to speak the language. The site provides videos and audio clips with each lesson to help users listen and pronounce words properly. A test is also available on the main page to help users evaluate their comprehension of the language. Audio from the lessons can be downloaded in MP3 format.

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource for learning German provides users with free online lessons, a guide to the language, and links to German media sites. Each online lesson offers options to learn vocabulary or phrases by watching a video, reading a transcript, or listening to audio. A test provided on the homepage additionally allows users to determine their comprehension level of the language.

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource for learning Greek provides users with helpful resources to learn the basics of the Greek language. A guide to Greek, online lessons, and interactive games are all available on the homepage of the site, along with external links to other Greek courses online. Each online lesson on this site allows users to learn a basic Greek phrase, its pronunciation, its meaning, and the English translation of the phrase.

The Business Hindi Resource Guide is designed for students applying for jobs and internships in India by providing them with cultural and linguistic tools in order to successfully adapt to the socio-business environment in India. The guide provides various modules covering topics including socio-cultural etiquette, conversations in socio-business situations, business culture etiquette, sample business documents, and a glossary of Hindi business terms. 

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this website for learning Italian provides users with numerous resources such as online courses, a guide to the language, and a comprehension test. The online lessons are provided in video format and cover topics including Italian vocabulary, phrases, and grammar with interactive options such as games and exercises. The site also provides external links to Italian media sources and other online courses.

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource for learning Portuguese provides users with helpful learning tools such as a guide to Portuguese, links to news written in the language, and interactive online lessons. The online lessons cover basic phrases in Portuguese along with the culture of Brazil, and allow users to make use of audio, videos, games, and learning exercises to gain a better understanding of the language.

Easy Portuguese provides a grammar guide for beginner and intermediate level Brazilian Portuguese, along with lists of common vocabulary and useful phrases for business travelers. There is also a pronunciation guide and audio examples of the words and phrases.

Developed by the University of Texas at Austin, the Spanish Proficiency Exercises contain various materials used for practicing and assessing Spanish language attainment. These exercises are sorted by difficulty and include grammar lessons, a glossary, a downloadable podcast, and video clips with audio.

Provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this resource for learning Spanish provides free online courses along with a number of other resources to help users learn the language. The online lessons include helpful aids such as audio, games, and exercises to help with the memorization of phrases. A guide to the Spanish language as well as information about vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation are also available on this website.