Building Markets is an organization that builds markets, creates jobs, and sustains peace in developing countries by connecting local entrepreneurs to business opportunities. The site provides business portals for Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Timor-Leste, and Turkey. Relevant news, media coverage, and market overview coverage for specific countries are also available on the site.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-BML) seeks to promote all sectors and activities of the private economy in Lebanon. The website includes information on services, news and events, and publications. The site is available in both English and Arabic; however, the news articles are only available in Arabic.

Banque Du Liban is the legal public entity vested by law to issue the national currency and to protect the currency in order to promote social and economic growth. The website has financial and market information as well as publications, news, and announcements. Some sections are only available in Arabic.

The Beirut Stock Exchange is the main institution delegated by the law to manage and regulate Lebanon's financial markets. The website includes general information, laws and regulations, listed securities, market information, and brokers. A free subscription is required to access the stock exchange portal.

This is the website of the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS), the official statistics office of the Lebanese Republic. It provides annual or monthly statistics by topics, including demographic, social, economic, and gender statistics. The site also provides thematic maps, publications, and news.

Lebanon's Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) works to improve the health of its citizens by providing them access to services through universal coverage. The website includes information on laws and regulations, medical care, prevention, e-services, and drugs. It also provides statistics, publications, news, events, and conferences. The news articles and announcements are generally in Arabic.

This is the official website of the Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon. The website includes information about the president, speeches, the first lady, the presidency in general, and the Lebanese political system. The site also contains political news and video galleries. A newsletter is provided for those who complete a free registration. 

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) regulates the telecommunications sector in Lebanon. The website includes information on consultations, regulations, decisions, circulars, licensing, market data, and cybersecurity. The site also includes regulatory and cybersecurity news, as well as a calendar of events.

The Daily Star is an online Lebanese newspaper that offers business news on the country as well as on the Middle East region and other foreign countries. International business news is also provided on the site.