Libya Herald is an online news site that provides articles and headlines on news regarding Libya. It helps communicate Libya’s news worldwide and provides information on various subjects in Libya. This is the site’s business section, which reports on national and international business activity in Libya.

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) is state-owned and is responsible for monetary stability in Libya. The content on this site includes banking news, monetary policy, international cooperation, banking information, and background information on the foundation of CBL.

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics regulates telecommunication and information technology in Libya. They propose laws and regulations and monitor the compliance of these regulations among service providers. The ministry determines prices and sets standards for communication. They promote competition in the industries and strive to protect consumer interests in the communication sector. Available only in Arabic.

The US-Libya Business Association (USLBA) is a non-profit trade association based in the United States that focuses on enhancing the United States and Libya business relationship. The USLBA emphasizes the importance of trade and investment in Libya. The site features resources on research and reports and US-Libya relations, the latest Libya and USLBA news, a list of upcoming and past events, and a roster of current USLBA member companies.