Allo Expat Worldwide provides detailed information for expatriates in different regions of the world. Message boards on the site allow users to share information and advice. Users also have the option to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter for the latest international business news.

The Expat Career Center allows young professionals to prepare for international opportunities. The center provides services, including resume sculpting and review, mock international interviews, and a total candidacy and career search package. Users interested in working abroad may view the blog for various international topics and also subscribe to a mailing list provided by the center. is a comprehensive, user-friendly site providing information and advice to those who live or wish to live abroad. The site covers all expat-related matters from visa, housing and jobs to healthcare, tax, and leisure. For each country and city, it offers useful fools such as expat guides, a directory, and forum discussions to help with your expat project. Housing, jobs, and cost of living are a few of the topics covered throughout the site. Free registration is required to create your own profile.

Exploring Abroad contains both free and commercial information for those wanting to work, teach, study, or travel abroad. The site features a library of links for those wishing to find more information about volunteering, studying, or learning a language abroad. There is also a travel resources section that includes useful information about currency conversion, travel translators, travel insurance, and other topics important to traveling abroad.

The Fragomen Country Summaries page provides information regarding immigration for a wide range of countries worldwide. Each summary contains information and guidance on business visits, employment authorization, and penalties for non-compliance. The site also provides helpful links to various immigration resources worldwide.

Executive Briefing: The global economy, growing numbers of dual income households, and the increase of international assignments are producing pressure on American multinationals and the Federal Government to provide career transition assistance to spouses/partners worldwide. New support programs emphasizing entrepreneurial skills training and internet savvy show promise to boost employment opportunities abroad. Opens in PDF.

HSBC Expat Zone gives its users insight into the life of an expatriate. Its site contains useful information about expat life, finances, and destinations. An interactive expat explorer survey is also available, and allows users to compare various countries based upon ranking criteria such as economics and experience. Parts of the site are focused on HSBC services for expats, but there are also many helpful resources that provide general information.

InterNations provides an abundance of information for expatriates living around the world. The site contains several expat-related indexes, as well as in-depth guides related to living in specific countries and cities. InterNations also aims to ease the transition for expatriates, providing information on finance, insurance, living abroad, working abroad, culture shock, and more. A free membership enables users to connect with other expats living nearby through events and an online discussion forum.

Just Landed is a website created to help people wishing to move to a new country. The site provides useful tools to potential expatriates, such as country guides and an expat directory. The site allows users to select specific country profiles to find information about visas and permits, the job market, the business climate, and other topics. There is also an expatriate community on the site that includes forums for questions as well as a listing of events in the specific countries.

Provided by the U.S. Department of State, the Quarterly Reports for Living Costs Abroad page provides general information on the costs of living abroad. Some information includes quarters allowances, hardship differentials, and danger pay allowances used in calculating compensation for U.S. Government civilian employees for costs related to assignments abroad. Users can find prior year reports as well as detailed explanations of methods used.