Madagascar Oil works with the Madagascar government in the development of oil and gas in the country. The site includes current development projects, investor relations, and press releases.

The Madagascar Tribune economy page contains news on a number of different major business topics. Available only in French.

The Central Bank of Madagascar, also known as La Banque Centrale de Madagascar, has the responsibility of maintaining the general political economy of Madagascar and its national monetary reserves. The site includes monetary and exchange rate policies, payment systems, statistics, news updates, and key indicators. This resource is only available in French.

The Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) provides general information about doing business in Madagascar. The site includes statistics on Madagascar's economy, potential business opportunities, the process of starting a new business, and the laws of investment. It aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Madagascar as an investment market.

The Madagascar Ministry of Commerce, also known as Le Ministère du Commerce, is responsible for trade and commerce related activities in Madagascar through the implementation of policies and regulations. This website provides information on upcoming events. Only available in French.

The official website of the presidency of Madagascar provides information about the office of the president and related governing bodies. The resource provides also contains a news section that is updated with recent events and happenings in the country. Resource only available in French.