The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, nonpartisan think tank and publisher. This site provides a report of Mercosur at a different angle including topics such as Mercosur’s political agenda, the implications of Venezuela joining as a full member, how Mercosur affects other trade blocs, and more.

The Latin America section of Focus Economics provides information on Latin American economies including data from government sources, economic forecasts, market analysis covering economic performance, political risk assessments, and financial market developments.

Foreign Trade Information System (SICE) provides the entire trade bloc agreement for Mercosur. This treaty establishes a common market between the Argentine Republic, the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Republic of Paraguay, and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

MercoPress, based in Uruguay, is an independent news agency that focuses on delivering news related to Mercosur-member countries. It covers topics such as the main events of Mercosur, economic-political influences, and recent developments.

This is the official website of MERCOSUR, a customs union incorporating the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The website contains news, standards, official records, and information about the union.

The Brazilian Mercosur site is administered by the Department of Mercosur of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This site gathers information about the process of regional integration in Mercosur, informative texts about some of the main topics on the agenda of Mercosur, as well as a collection of updated rules. Attached are the Treaty of Asuncion and Mercosur Business Forum documents. Only available in Portuguese.