Morocco on the Move Business is a resource hosted by The Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center (MATIC), which is a non-profit organization that was put in place to promote trade between Morocco and the United States. The website contains write-ups about key issues dealing with doing business in Morocco, including documents on government incentives for doing business. Other topics include information on taxes and tariffs, and different investing programs.

Agence Marocaine de Presse (MAP) is the official news source for the country of Morocco. The site is updated daily with current news covering political, economic, social, cultural, sports, and financial topics. Some parts of the site are only available in French.

The central bank of the Kingdom of Morocco, named "Bank Al-Maghrib", is a financially autonomous public legal entity that implements instruments of monetary policy to ensure price stability, compiles and publishes statistics on money and credit, and manages public reserves. The resources that can be found on this site include financial and monetary statistics, publications, information on banks, and other financial institutions in the country.

The Casablanca Stock Exchange is a joint stock company that reports to the Ministry of Finance and Privatization. The Casablanca Stock Exchange operates under well-defined Terms of Reference and complies with rules known as General Rules. Its goal is to promote the growth of the Moroccan stock market by monitoring and managing trading sessions.

This resource is provided by the Moroccan government to help visitors or potential investors learn about Moroccan institutions, society, culture, practical information, and possible investment opportunities.

The High Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HACA) is responsible for the sector of audiovisual communication, which includes television and radio. HACA grants licenses for audiovisual services and ensures the compliance with these legal provisions. HACA also ensures the quality of radio frequencies for broadcast programs.

L’Autorité Marocaine Du Marché Des Capitaux (AMMC) is charged with the oversight and regulation of the Moroccan financial services industry. The site contains applicable information for both investors and participating companies as well as a list of regulations to ensure the protection of savings and proper functioning of savings. Some parts of the site are only available in French.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for the development and implementation of government policy in the field of population health. It coordinates policy objectives and actions that contribute to raising the level of health in Morocco and works to ensure a better allocation of resources. The Ministry is also responsible for developing and implementing the national policy on drugs and pharmaceuticals. The site is only available in French and Arabic.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment, and the Digital Economy of Morocco is the ministry of commerce of the country. It is responsible for the design and implementation of government policy in the fields of industry, trade, and new technologies. Extensive Information on the site is also available regarding quality, market surveillance, advanced technologies, and innovation.

The Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE) is a financially autonomous public institution, in the form of a legal entity. AMDIE is the national body in charge of the development and promotion of investment in Morocco. The resource's services include informing potential investors about the regulatory framework and investment opportunities in Morocco and assisting them in their quest for investment.

The National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation (ANRT) is responsible for the telecommunication and post sectors in Morocco. ANRT promotes both fair competition in the telecoms market and scientific research in order to enrich the field. ANRT also acts as a mediator for complaints in order to protect consumers' rights.

The Statistics Directorate of Morocco provides information regarding population, geography, economy, and government for the country. Statistical publications are available for free download in PDF or Word. The site is available in French only.