Building Markets is an organization that builds markets, creates jobs, and sustains peace in developing countries by connecting local entrepreneurs to business opportunities. The site provides business portals for Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Timor-Leste, and Turkey. Relevant news, media coverage, and market overview coverage for specific countries are also available on the site.

The main objective of the Bank of Mozambique is to stabilize and preserve the value of the national currency. Headquartered in Maputo, it has regional offices in Beira and Nampula. Financial and monetary reports, statistical information, documents on financial legislation, and directories of financial institutions in the country can also be found on the website. Some parts of the site are only available in Portuguese. 

The Mozambique National Institute of Statistics provides figures for population characteristics and economic sectors. The site also lists links to other statistic bureaus throughout Africa and the world. Only available in Portuguese.

The Stock Exchange of Mozambique, also known as the Bolsa de Valores de Mozambique (BVM), is the official stock exchange of Mozambique. The website offers information on trading services, products, rules and regulations, and market details, and also provides publications regarding the stock market.

The Republic of Mozambique government site provides a general country overview and links to other related information sources. The site provides information on the environment, economy, government, and events. Only available in Portuguese.