The Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) is an organization established by the Namibia University of Science and Technology in order to promote innovation and business development in Namibia. The NBII website provides information on innovation programs for entrepreneurs and assists them in finding partners to generate business ideas. The site also has sections dedicated to research and development programs as well as business education programs.

The Namibia Economist offers a wide range of information aimed at businesspeople living or interested in Namibia. Includes weekly economic and business news headlines, demographic data, and links to other information on Namibia.

The Namibia Logistics Association (NLA) is a non-profit organization designed to represent the Namibian logistics industry and serve as a means for communicating shared concerns of its members. The NLA site provides information about the association itself, its services, membership, news, and events. 

The Namibia Statistics Agency collects and disseminates statistics and spatial data in order to educate the public. Both economic and demographic statistics are provided by the website and are viewable in PDF and in Excel format.

The Namibia Trade Directory allows the user to search for companies or contacts in Namibia by industry. Additionally, the full Namibian Trade Directory may be viewed and searched as an electronic magazine. Contact information is listed for each company.

The Bank of Namibia is responsible for promoting financial and monetary stability to foster sustainable economic growth and development. The site offers documents and information on monetary policy, financial stability, financial markets, payments and settlements, banking supervision, and exchange control. 

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) regulates the telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal sectors of Namibia. The CRAN site provides information for consumers and stakeholders about events, licensing, enforcement, and compliance. PDF versions of licensing documents and various media releases are also available. 

This is the official website for the government of Namibia. The site provides basic information about the government, its services, and the country of Namibia. Resources are provided in regards to acts and policies, the constitution, elections, and national symbols.