The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) is a non-profit organization with goals to stimulate and promote business relations between companies in Russia and Norway. The NRCC helps enhance the understanding of Norway and Russia's business culture while also promoting market developments. The site provides publications regarding the two countries and also a future events page. Market information pertaining to Russia and Norway can also be found on the site.

This document gives background information about Norway’s legal system and outlines several specific contract laws, competition laws, and tax regulations. The document also details the international conventions that Norway complies with. Prepared by: Hodneland & Co DA. Opens in PDF.

Altinn provides information to simplify the process of establishing and running a business in Norway. Altinn helps entrepreneurs by offering useful written material, forms, and brochures about business startups in Norway. The site also provides information regarding importing and exporting, taxes, employee relations, and business legislation in Norway. Many guides and documents on doing business in Norway can be found on the site as well. 

Finanstilsynet (FSA) is an independent government agency in charge of overseeing and regulating the financial services industry in Norway. The site contains information in several areas, including banking and finance, the securities market, and auditing. In addition, the site provides various documents, annual reports, and risk outlook reports.

This is the official website of the Norwegian government. The site provides information about the government in several areas, such as business and industry, defense, foreign affairs, European policy, and the economy. In addition, the site provides general information about the ministries and government, several published documents, and news and press releases.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Norway is responsible for food and agricultural policy. The ministry is also responsible for preparing and ensuring compliance with regulations and guidelines in accordance with adopted legislation and political decisions. Also available in Norwegian. 

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence is responsible for drafting, implementing, and forming security and defense policies. This site includes current news headlines, information on topics related to the Norwegian defense industry, official documents, and press releases on the industry.

The Ministry of Education and Research in Norway is responsible for primary, secondary, upper secondary, higher level, and tertiary vocational education sectors. It is also responsible for kindergartens, cultural schools, and research. In addition, the site provides current information on several topics related to education in Norway, official documents, and other resources.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for policies and regulations that affect taxation and public fund use within Norway. This site contains budgetary information, publications, and news updates.

The Ministry of Health and Care Services (HOD) is responsible for government policy on health and care services in Norway. HOD also monitors the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, health and social services professionals, health research, and hospitals.

The Ministry of Labor is responsible for the policies, laws, and regulations that apply to the Norwegian labor markets. This site also contains current policy developments, information on the various departments within the ministry, and press releases related to the ministry. 

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is responsible for policy development and regulation as it applies to the Norwegian energy industry. This site contains contact information, rules and laws, press releases, and reports.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries is responsible for designating industrial policy and is involved in policy areas that affect value creation. The site provides documents and research on a variety of topics related to business. The ministry implements regulations for industries and ensures their compliance with the legislation. In addition, the ministry designs equipment and encourages research and innovation in trade, industry, and fisheries. 

The Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to provide good electronic and postal communications infrastructure and an effective, universally accessible, safe, and environmentally friendly transport system. This site includes relevant posts and news for Norway's transportation and telecommunications industry. 

The primary role of the Central Bank of Norway is to promote confidence in the Norwegian economy and its financial systems. Accordingly, it ensures efficient and secure management of the central government's financial assets and contributes to balanced economic development. The site provides information about the Central Bank of Norway, its monetary policy, liquidity, markets, and financial and economic statistics.

The Norwegian Media Authority, Medietilsynet, encourages diversity and quality in Norwegian media. The authority promotes the modernization of technology through digitization. In addition, the authority grants licenses to producers and serves as a consultant by guiding rules and legislation. Some parts of the website are only available in Norwegian.

This is the official website of the Norwegian stock market. The site provides details about market information, derivatives, indices, and a finance calendar that provides important events for leading Norwegian finance firms. In addition, the site includes financial news, courses and seminars, and regulations on the exchange and securities market.

Statistics Norway is the official statistics site for the Norwegian government. The site includes statistics in several sectors, such as banking and financial markets, national accounts and business cycles, and the population.  In addition, the site includes several research fields, publications, and the latest news and releases.

The Business Finder is Norway's official export directory that allows you to find Norwegian products and suppliers. By providing contacts to exporters, this site is an effective tool for international marketing. The site offers business information on Norway's goods and services, which makes it easy to find exporters. Only available in Norwegian.

The Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) is a subsidiary of the International Law and Policy Institute. NABA was designed to promote business opportunities in Africa in order to enhance relations between the Norwegian and African business communities. The main objective of NABA is to increase efficient trade between Norway and Africa. Presentations from NABA conferences can be accessed on this site.

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) is an autonomous agency of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Nkom monitors post and telecommunications producers' compliance with legislation and license requirements. The site provides overview information of the agency, current news headlines related to the agency, laws and regulations, and features on topics related to the media and communications industry.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) is responsible for updating and safeguarding public and animal health by ensuring the efficacy, quality, and safety of medicines. NoMA is also responsible for medicine authorization, pricing, and classification. Furthermore, NoMA provides information on clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance.

The Norwegian Space Centre (NSC) promotes the development of national space activities. The main goals of the NSC are to create annual growth in the space sector, attain an international position in space research, and maintain national interests in the European Space Agency. News regarding the NSC, as well as other space-related activities, is available on the website.

Norway Exports, a Norwegian trade portal, features news stories, in-depth articles, job openings, a company directory, and an informational section on international business and investment in Norway. 

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce is an independent organization that serves the interests of the business community. This site offers international consulting, relocation services, and information on upcoming events. Some material is available without membership.


The Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) is an organization designed to promote business activities between Brazil and Norway. A calendar containing information about future BNCC events and news regarding Brazil and Norway is provided on the site.