This is a sub-section within the official U.S. Commercial Service website for the country of Peru. It provides information about doing business in Peru including general business information, market and industry reports, financial programs, travel information, and trade relations between the U.S. and Peru. The site also includes pages which contain information about trade events and services for US companies wishing to do business in Peru as well as a directory of links to useful Peruvian websites. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also known as Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Perú, aims to develop an active foreign policy for Peru by promoting interests of security, development, and the economy as well as protecting nationals abroad. This website provides information on Peru's foreign policy, international issues, citizen services, and economic promotion. Only available in Spanish.

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) creates conditions necessary for sustained growth by preserving monetary stability. Its website features updated economic and financial indicators, statistics, reports, and publications.

The Commission for Promotion of Export and Tourism, also known as Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo (PROMPERÚ), is an institution of the Peruvian State whose objective is to promote the export of Peruvian goods and services. This site contains a variety of information for potential exporters including export directories, events, international trade documentation, and market research. Only available in Spanish.

The official government page for the country of Peru provides basic information on life in Peru as well as government information and directories. Only available in Spanish.

The Lima Stock Exchange, also known as la Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL), is the stock exchange of Peru. This website lists current prices, other statistics, and a stockbroker directory. The site also offers information about the BVL and learning to invest in the stock market. Only available in Spanish.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, also known as el Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (MINCETUR), handles issues relating to foreign commerce and the promotion of tourism in Peru. Its website overviews the climates of foreign trade, tourism, and communications in the country and also describes the various functions of the ministry. Only available in Spanish.

The Ministry of Health of Peru, also known as el Ministro de Salud del Perú, is responsible for the healthcare sector and monitoring the drugs released by the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, it formulates public policy regarding sanitation. Its site contains statistics and news publications related to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in addition to basic information about common medical maladies in the country. This resource is only available in Spanish.

The National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development of Peru, also known as la Comisión Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Aeroespacial (CONIDA), promotes the research and development of science and space technology. Its website contains an overview of the commission's functions, projects, and news. Only available in Spanish.

The National Institute of Statistics and Information, also know as el Instituto Nacional de Estadistica e Informatica (INEI), is the official statistics office for Peru. Its site provides numerous demographic, economic, and geographic statistics, which can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets. Although there is an English version of the website, some portions of the site are only available in Spanish.

The Private Investment Promotion Agency is a government institution that promotes investment in order to boost Peru's competitiveness and sustainable development. The site provides an insightful introduction of Peru, the latest news, investment opportunities, and an overview of the economic environment. Although an English version is available, a majority of the content on the site is only available in Spanish. 

The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications, also known as el Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones (OSIPTEL), sets tariffs for public telecommunications services. OSIPTEL also issues regulations to communications producers, deals with sector complaints, and supervises broadcasts. OSIPTEL's website provides background information on the functions of the agency, news about the Peruvian telecommunications industry, and contact information. This website is mainly available in Spanish, although there is some English information available.

The Exporters Association, also known as la Asociación de Exportadores (ADEX), is a Peruvian non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Peruvian exports. The site provides an overview of the business environment in Peru. It also offers trade statistics, exporter and importer directories, and trade opportunity listings. Only available in Spanish.