Allworld Exhibitions is an organization which provides exhibitions sponsored by member companies in Asia and the Middle East. Users may search for exhibitions by industry, country, or year to find event information.

The Trade Law Compendium, produced by the member law firms of Lexwork International, provides trade law summaries for over 30 jurisdictions prepared by law firms located there. It also includes the U.S.'s most significant trading partners for companies intending to do business in foreign countries and some U.S. states. Summaries are listed below with the marking "a Lexwork International exclusive".

The site for African Growth and Opportunity (AGOA) offers statistical data on bilateral trade exchanges between African trade organizations and the United States. The site also provides statistical data specific to trade between the United States and individual African countries, as well as requirements the countries need to achieve to qualify and remain eligible for AGOA. 

Americas Society / Council of the Americas (AS/COA) are international business organizations whose members share a commitment to economic and social development, open markets, the rule of law, and democracy throughout the Western Hemisphere. This site includes research and analysis publications, program materials, congressional testimonies and updates, and news and announcements. Some publications require a paid subscription.

The Arab World Competitiveness Report 2013, published by the World Economic Forum, contains information about key factors determining the future prosperity and economic growth of Arab countries and sub-regions (Levant, North Africa, and Gulf countries) ranging from structural reforms and regional integration to savings and foreign direct investment.

Asia Manufacturer is a website  that posts trade leads from Asia. Its aims to increase foreign trade between Asia and other nations interested in the trade leads provided. Leads can be searched by selling leads, manufacturers, products, and buying leads in the search bar at the top of the homepage. Free membership is required to use this site.

The Asia Regional Integration Center (ARIC) was established by the Asian Development Bank to improve regional cooperation and integration. This website provides in-depth statistics, databases, resources, graphs, information, and reports regarding the economic and social performance of Asian nations.

The Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) is a not for profit membership organization. It is committed to collaborating with investors and companies in enforcing corporate governance in Asia. Its membership is composed of close to 100 leading global and regional financial institutions, pension funds, and fund managers. The website covers a wide range of topics in corporate governance by providing articles, reports, publications, and major corporate governance links in East and Southeast Asian countries. Certain content of the site is only available for paid members.

The economics and statistics section of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) website provides information about international poverty, the environment, and general economic indicators. Reports are available free online.

The Asian Development Review is a semiannual Asian Development Bank publication on Asian and Pacific development and research issues. The online PDF editions are free of charge with a fee based subscription for hard copies. Renowned scholars may submit their own articles for publication in the journal.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution proposed by the government of China. The purpose of the multilateral development bank is to provide finance to infrastructure projects in Asia. This website is the official site of AIIB and it provides general information about the organization, such as member countries and latest news.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Environmental Law (APCEL) is located at the National University of Singapore and was established to expand environmental legal education and promote awareness of environmental issues. The website offers reports and publications as well as listings of workshops, conferences, and other activities related to environmental law in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA) is an information source on regional trade and investment issues. AACCLA coordinates face-to-face meetings with businesses and government leaders in the Western Hemisphere. Membership directories, business guides, events, policy issues, and publications can also be found on the website.

This is the official web site for the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). The ACS is dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the Greater Caribbean. Information on events, activities, news, meetings, summits, and projects of the association is provided. Sections dedicated to trade, transportation, sustainable tourism, and natural disaster relief are also found on this site.

Bureau van Dijk is a database of financial information on European companies. Searching the directory can be done using a free demo account, but to access reports a fee-based subscription is required. Other resources available for a fee include risk models, country and city data, and market indicators and forecasts.

Business Advantage International is an agency that primarily works with countries in the Asia-Pacific to promote trade and investment opportunities. Their Business Advantage series is a collection of guides that provide business and investment information for several Asia-Pacific countries, including Indonesia, New Caledonia, and Samoa. All of these guides are available for free on the website.

Dezan Shira & Associates is a specialist foreign direct investment practice with offices throughout Asia. The business insights section provides information regarding business practices in Asia. Information is available through a searchable database. Resources are grouped by type (Q&A, infographic, or presentation), location, and topic (due diligence, visa and work permits, corporate taxes, etc.).

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) contributes to the economic developments in Latin America, reinforcing ties among countries and other nations of the world. This site includes publications and studies, event listings, press releases, and statistical information. Some publications are available electronically in the ECLAC library for a pay-per-article subscription.

EuroPages provides a company directory searchable by product or service, company name, or business activity. This business-to-business (B2B) directory includes thousands of European and international suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers.

The Public Opinion sector of the European Commission offers surveys, studies, and reports addressing issues such as citizenship, social situation, culture, and the environment. The site contains a tool called The Eurobarometer which allows users to select from a list of over 50 questions regarding the European Union. Results are then displayed in a graph or table.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 33 European countries. CEN provides technical standards in the interest of promoting free trade, worker and consumer safety, and interoperability of networks. The site contains news, a management center (CCMC), and provides European Standards for purchase.

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is an international, scientific non-profit association. Its main goal is to deliver impartial information on corporate governance and work to improve any issues in the area. The site offers research reports, publications, as well as conferences and lectures free of charge, but membership is required for specific reports.

The European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) is a monitoring instrument offering news and analysis on European industrial relations. Its aim is to collect, analyze, and disseminate high-quality and up-to-date information on key developments in industrial relations in Europe. It primarily serves the needs of national and European level organizations of the social partners, governmental organizations and EU institutions. The database contains a myriad of records, dating from 1997 to the present, including news and feature articles, comparative studies, thematic and sectoral analysis, and more.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) protects and promotes public health through the evaluation of medicines. The EMA provides recommendations on the quality and safety of medicines. They apply evaluation procedures to help bring new medicines to the European Union.

The European Space Agency's (ESA) mission is to shape the development of Europe's space capabilities. The ESA's programs are designed to find out more about the Earth and the Solar System. They also develop satellite-based technologies and services, as well as promote European industries.

Provided by the European Commission, the Eurostat website includes all the latest statistical news releases of the European Union. Its statistical data covers the economy, industry, trade, agriculture, transportation, environment, and science. The publications section of the site provides recent statistical documents available for download in PDF.

The Executives' Meeting of East Asia Pacific Central Banks (EMEAP) is a cooperative organization of central banks and monetary authorities in the East Asia and Pacific region. Its mission is to strengthen relationships between member countries. The website lists publications related to economic development and provides other analysis for each member country.

Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific is an annual publication of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It provides economic, financial, social, environmental, and Millennium Development Goals indicators for regional members of the ADB. Free online versions of current and past issues are available in PDF and XLS format, as well as a fee based subscription for hard copies.

Latinobarometro is an annual public opinion survey that was carried out in 18 Latin American countries from 1995 til present. It expresses the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of more than 600 million inhabitants of the region. The results of the polls are available in its annual press release. It researches the development of democracy and economies as well as societies, using indicators of opinion, attitudes, behaviors and values. The data is downloadable in "Data Bank" section.

Lex Africa is a network of law firms in Africa. This site features a news page as well as guides on doing business, insolvency and restructuring, and mining in Africa. The business guide features investment information, forms of business organizations, taxation, exchange control, tariffs, intellectual property issues, and privatization issues for all of the member countries of Lex Africa. Individual country profiles are also available. Guides are free to download in PDF.

MaxTrader supports imports and exports throughout Europe and it provides a platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products online. Products, companies, selling leads, and buying leads are posted to the homepage to allow for efficient searching. Also provided by MaxTrader is the ability to search for trade shows by industry or product type to increase trade relations with others in that field.

The Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), containing the world's largest economies, is organized to expand trade and investment through fostering open markets. This site features information about events, programs, objectives and activities of the Council, news, committees, and publications. Publications available in PDF.

Pacific Trade Invest has forum trade offices in Australia, China, Europe, and New Zealand and works to create sustainable economic development and greater international opportunities for Pacific Islands businesses. The website includes a list of export statistic reports, export guides, and a report on investment opportunities in the Pacific Islands.

SIMAP: Information about European Public Procurement strives to establish the necessary information systems infrastructure that is required in order to provide public procurement in Europe. Besides procurement legislation, SIMAP offers a public procurement network, information on the classification system, and some successful stories about problem solving in the internal market. The site provides a series of forms such as contract notice and public works concession, all of which can be downloaded in PDF.

Tender’s Electronic Daily (TED) is the online version of the "Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union" and provides business opportunities for countries within the European Union. The website also provides an RSS feed that offers the latest news about the business sectors covered by TED. Registration is required to access some of the information on this site.

The African Development Bank Group is the premier financial development institution of Africa, dedicated to combating poverty and improving the lives of people of the continent. It is engaged in the task of mobilizing resources towards the economic and social progress of its regional member countries. This site provides publications, financial reports, topics on development issues, and event information.

The Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (EUROCHAMBRES) creates, develops, and implements programs that foster European economic development through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The organization also publishes an annual economic survey that can be reached online through its website. Recent press releases, position papers, and other documents are posted by date on the homepage.

The Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) is an inter-governmental organization that aims to promote the economic integration in the common marketplace. This site provides updated information on the history, mission, regulations on foreign trades, member countries, important statistics and agreements of ALADI. Only available in Portuguese and Spanish.

Trade Asia provides actual and potential traders with data about business and market opportunities in Asia and information for potential buyers and suppliers. It has exchanged trade data with numerous trade points and a number of online trade sites around the world since 1996. In addition, it has close ties and has been involved in active exchanges of trade data with several world renowned trade organizations.

The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is a regional development arm of the United Nations that aims to enhance sustainable development, trade and investment, transport, and more in the region. The site offers an up-to-date news section, a list of upcoming events, a wide assortment of publications, and an interactive database.

The Africa Competitiveness Report identifies and measures the competitive strength of a number of African countries. Competitiveness and Investment Climate Profiles are available for each country. The website provides access only to selected issues and country profiles. This resource downloads the 2017 edition of the report in PDF format, the most updated version from the World Bank.