Business in Asia covers business, economic, and cultural topics for Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The site also offers statistical data for each country.

The module on South Korea provides a general overview on the following: why to do business in South Korea, country and business culture, growth industries, and issues facing South Korea. This module will help already established exporters as well as fledgling exporters better understand the culture and business culture in this region. This module also includes a case study on the business practice of Total Quality Management.

The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is a non-profit organization which provides a variety of direct services such as trade consulting, a company directory, and assistance to trading companies dealing with government authorities. Other prominent features include an economic news section, in-depth reports, statistics on leading indicators, and a quick glance at the South Korean economy, culture, and products.

Developed by the national trade promotion organization of Korea, Buy Korea offers international trade leads and customized tender notification services. Users may search and post trade leads by specific product or product category as it appears on the homepage. Free registration is required to post on the website.

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of South Korea's credit and equity sectors of the Financial Services Industry. The site contains laws, news, and relevant links. provides trade leads on a variety of products in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries along with others. This site is a marketplace where international buyers can get in touch with South Korean suppliers over the Internet. A free registration is necessary in order to post to the website.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) is responsible for broadcasting and telecommunications in South Korea. The KCC produces legislation and regulation to ensure the freedom and expansion of the communications sector. The KCC also focuses on expanding communication technology and promotes fair competition and consumer protection. The site provides information on policy issues and offers market statistical data.

This is the official website for the Korean Exchange (KRX). The site contains up-to-date trading data, information regarding financial market regulation, and companies listed on the exchange.

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) was established under the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Act with the purpose of helping foreign companies identify quality products and companies in Korea. The site provides general information about Korea, where to find talent, and related links with Korean trade information.

The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs aims to develop agriculture into an industry that supports public health and improves the well-being of rural residents. This website features its projects and has links to relevant policies and statistics.

South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) seeks to secure national health and safety of its citizens, mainly through its operations in the food and drug industries. This is done through the enhancement of risk management systems, tightened safety control, and reform on safety regulations. The site provides information on the ministry's projects, relative market news, and economic statistics.

Home to the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the site contains information about the economy and trade with Korea. The site also contains current news headlines pertaining to Korea as well as policy issues.

This is the main government website of South Korea. The site offers information on government structure, the latest government news, and travel and culture guides. 

The official website of Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) provides a wide range of statistical data regarding the Korean economy, society, and people. The site also contains a listing of events and current news for international businesses.

The Bank of Korea serves as Korea's central bank and is committed to pursuing monetary stability and the development of the Korean economy. The site includes information on monetary policy, payment systems, annual reports, and publications released by the bank. 

This is the online version of The Korea Economic Daily (KED), a newspaper that provides current headlines on South Korean business news. The website contains features on the South Korean economy, financial sector, IT/electronics industry, international and domestic stock market data, and also a section dedicated to research on South Korean and international economic studies.

The Korea Economic Institute (KEI) is a non-profit, educational organization that addresses all aspects of relations between the United States and the Republic of Korea with a particular focus on economic issues. KEI produces several publications and also offers podcasts, a blog, and an events section all pertaining to the economy in Korea. 

TradeKorea is an online marketplace portal for international buyers, sellers, and other international business people who wish to do business in Korea. The site provides information on products in several categories, resources for buyers and sellers, and news. A free registration is required to use the services on the site.