Cultural Experiences Abroad's (CEA) study abroad programs allow students to study business and economics in multiple international settings like Italy, France, Czechia, and China. The site offers information on curriculum programs, internships, and business courses.

Diversity Abroad is an online resource that connects students with various study abroad programs and international internships. The site contains an expansive database of programs abroad which can be searched by program type, subject, and destination. Additionally, the site provides a number of resources such as how-to guides, destination guides, tips for living abroad, and information on financial aid and scholarships. 

This white paper issue examines the major barriers to study abroad for community college students and the changes necessary to increase access and participation in study abroad programs by community college students. Opens in PDF.

Go Overseas contains information regarding study abroad programs, teaching abroad, internships abroad, language schools, volunteer work, and gap year programs. The site offers specific information on a large collection of study abroad programs and allows users to search for them by country, subject, or term. In addition, the site lists its most popular study abroad programs as well as allows viewers to read reviews on existing programs and articles related to studying abroad.

GoAbroad contains information on a variety of different international opportunities, including study abroad, internships abroad, language schools, teaching opportunities, and volunteer work. In addition to hosting information on these opportunities, the site also features information on scholarships, insurance, hostels, and other travel resources. The site is designed for high school students and older.

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) is an international resource for scholarships, loans, and grants for American and international students who wish to study abroad. The IEFA site also contains an international student blog and a resources section that provides a number of useful links. Free registration is required for access to all online services.

The Center for Global Education has many different resources for educators, students, and parents on study abroad programs. For educators, there are resources such as SAFETI Clearinghouse, which provides useful information about health and safety in study abroad programs. In addition, the site offers resources that offer information on traveling, curriculum, and programs abroad.