The Bureau of Business Research (BBR) is a research institute that is part of the University of Texas at Austin and aims to strengthen the state's business environment. This resource provides research material that primarily focuses on economic development. In addition, the BBR offers a collection of demographic and economic data.

The District Export Councils (DEC) of Texas bring together state business leaders to create a knowledge base for international business. There are four councils located in the state, all of which provide business advising services as well as training and education focused primarily on global trade.

Go Big In Texas is the official website of the Texas Economic Development Corporation (TXEDC). The website provides information on the business and regulatory environment of the state, including information about taxes and government incentives for businesses, as well as overviews of the significant industries in the state. The website also provides information and resources for those looking to start, or grow, a small business in the state and for businesses looking to export and trade internationally.

The International Trade Center (ITC) at the University of Texas at San Antonio assists businesses who wish to expand and establish themselves globally. This resource focuses mainly on small businesses and provides services that include consulting solutions and import/export training. The center also has partnerships with other agencies to create programs such as Mexico's Small Business Development Center.

The International Trade Center in Houston (ITC) works to promote international business opportunities for U.S.-based businesses and foreign trade delegations by providing business development services. These services include business matchmaking, company site tours, trade delegations, and trade missions. ITC's website provides information about the center, its services, and membership levels and benefits.

This is the official website for the Center for International Business Studies (CIBS), maintained by the Texas A&M University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). CIBS aims to enhance the global competitiveness of the United States and Texas through its international education, research, and outreach activities.

The Texas Center for Border Economic and Enterprise Development utilizes the knowledge of Texas A&M International University faculty, students, and staff to support economic development in the greater Laredo area. The site provides a variety of resources including data and research on border crossing and general trade in the state.

The Texas International Trade Center helps businesses perform in the global marketplace by offering trade consulting, market research, and training programs among other services. Information regarding these services is provided along with appropriate request forms. The site also includes pertinent information to determine companies' import/export readiness. 

The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) was established in 1995 to assist manufacturing firms that aim to compete in the global business arena. They offer a host of services that include information systems services and customizable training programs. The center’s website also has a list of supplementary resources.

The Texas State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is an organization within Texas State University that works with small and medium-sized businesses. The SBDC provides free counseling services in various aspects of business as well as research assistance for clients. The website contains information for starting a small business and information about financing.

The University of Texas' Center for Global Business emphasizes outreach, both in the community and abroad, to proliferate international business education and development. In addition to these outreach activities, including conferences and exchange programs, the Center is also involved in global business research and education.