The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) website provides time zones for every country around the world, as well as the current times in the world's major cities. In addition to the time zones, some other special features include time zone conversion and a list of countries that do not use daylight saving time regimes.

The time zone converter on Savvy Time is a helpful resource for those looking to easily find time differences between different locations. Users can choose to compare between time zones or cities, and will find the current time in both locations.

The Time Now offers useful tools for converting between time zones, finding the current time in major cities across the world, and planning international meetings.

Time and Date features a world clock with current times that can be sorted by city, country, or time. The website also has time zone maps, a meeting planner for those arranging meetings across different time zones, as well as local weather information.

The Time Zone Converter provides a time converter and world time for countries of the world.  The converter is very easy to use, and has the option of converting either the current time or the date and time of an event, such as an important business meeting.

A resource from the U.S. Naval Observatory, the time zone map provides a geographic view of local times from around the world. The printable versions of the map are the easiest to read.

TimeJones provides a variety of standards and conversions tools including a time zone converter, a world clock, as well as a holiday list for countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. 

World Time Server provides current local times by country, as well as a convenient meeting planner to compare the time in multiple locations in order to effectively plan meeting times. This resource also includes a time zone converter and weather information that can be sorted by country as well.

World Time Zone is an online time zone map which displays the current time in specific time zones. Users may search for the time in specific cities and also view zoomed in portions of the map by region.