Automotive Industries (AI) is the world’s oldest trade magazine covering the automotive industry. It provides different publications and reports related to the global automotive industry. The site provides users with access to past and present articles as well as the latest breakthroughs in the industry.

Automotive Industry Digest provides up-to-date news and information on the automotive industry. A list of industry events is available, along with market research data and industry specific newsletters.

Automotive Industry Today provides the latest auto industry news and press releases. The site offers information on automotive topics and allows users to search for news by country, state, topic, or car model. A paid subscription is needed to view sections of the site and articles.

Automotive News provides in-depth coverage of various areas in the automotive industry. The site offers information about cars and concepts, OEM and suppliers, finance, and insurance. In addition, the site offers newscasts, a data center, webinars, upcoming auto industry events, and recent news.

Automotive Technology provides information about a variety of products and services and lists supplier profiles with product specifications in alphabetical order. In addition, the site provides industry updates through articles and interviews, latest industry projects, white papers, and reports. The site also features events, press releases, and recent news regarding the automotive industry.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration, aims to manage and share statistical information for the transportation industry. The site provides data by mode of transportation, region, and subject area. In addition, the site provides information about policies and methods, a library, and recent industry news.

Transport Canada is in charge of the rule making, oversight, and outreach for the transportation industry in Canada. This agency's goal is to ensure the safety of the transportation system and proper investment in Canada's infrastructure. This site includes information on road, marine, rail, and air transport. The website is available in English and French.

Deloitte's industries section combines in-depth knowledge and an understanding of the various industries to offer perspective with their functional experiences. Deloitte offers research into several aspects of the automotive manufacturing industry including perspectives, analysis, insights, recent news, and issues facing the industry. The site also features webcast events and video content for more in-depth analysis.

The Global Auto Industry site provides "e-journals," which are divided into different sections and give information on current industry news. Each section focuses on the auto industry in different parts of the world, providing helpful updates on auto industry trends. Webinars, presentations, and other content are available for purchase.

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) shipping facts section gives an overview of various aspects of the marine shipping industry. Categories include shipping and world trade, which gives information such as the types and volumes of ships at sea; safety and regulation, which discusses maritime laws and issues; and environmental performance, which covers energy, efficiency, and pollution.

The Japan Railway Construction, Transport, and Technology Agency (JRTT) was created to promote the establishment of mass transportation systems in Japan through the creation of railways and marine transportation companies. The JRTT is in charge of ensuring a smooth evolution of Japan's rail, marine, and air transportation industries. 

Mass Transit Magazine is a comprehensive resource on the mass transit industry. The site offers information about the rail and bus sectors, security, sustainability, international press releases, technology, and funding. In addition, Mass Transit offers a suppliers directory, press releases from industry conferences, documents, and white papers.

A product of McKinsey and Co., the site offers in depth articles and insights on the travel, transport, and logistics industry. Articles present advice and suggestions in various topics, as well as interviews with leading industry professionals.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to provide good electronic and postal communications infrastructure and an effective, universally accessible, safe, and environmentally friendly transport system. This site includes relevant posts and news for Norway's transportation and telecommunications industry. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers provides background information on the transportation and logistics industry. The site offers information about the various sectors in the transportation area, such as airlines and airports, rail and roads, and shipping and ports. In addition, the site provides publications and information regarding mergers and acquisition activity in the industry, corporate taxation, and outlooks describing challenges the industry faces. provides information about the global railway industry. The site offers information about products and services, suppliers, a company directory organized alphabetically, and featured articles. In addition, the site offers information projects by region and category, recent news, white papers, and industry events. Users can subscribe to a free newsletter as well. provides information about the global shipping industry. The site offers information about products and services, suppliers, a company directory organized alphabetically, and featured articles. In addition, the site offers information projects by region and category, recent news, white papers, and industry events.  Users can subscribe to a free newsletter as well. offers a wide range of current industry information to help exporters of U.S goods and services get the information they need to compete successfully in overseas markets. The site offers information about top markets, market research and publications, an automotive resource guide, statistics and reports, and upcoming trade events.

Provided by Heavy Duty Trucking, Truckinginfo is a resource for professionals in the trucking industry. The site offers recent news articles, white papers, blogs, and product news all related to the trucking industry. In addition, the site offers articles and news in the areas of equipment, fleet management, safety, drivers, maintenance, products, fuel, and the aftermarket.

The Union of European Railway Industries (UNIFE) is the European network for the railway supply industry. It is a professional association representing the interests of companies in the industry. UNIFE’s mission is to enhance the competitiveness of the railway industry and to promote European policies favorable to rail. The site contains information on several topics, such as trade and international affairs, standards and regulations, and environment and sustainability. Also available on the site is information regarding UNIFE's current projects, news and publications, and industry events.

The Department for Transport aims to provide leadership to the United Kingdom's transportation sector in hopes of achieving their goal of becoming a greener and more efficient transport system. This site contains recent articles and information regarding contacts and available work with the department, as well as news for potential policies.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) aims to provide all US citizens with a fast, safe, and efficient transportation system. This website provides information about the department and its activities, as well as several resources for individuals, partners, and government.

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) publishes a large variety of reports and expository essays about the state of the transportation industry. UMTRI takes an in-depth look at specific issues currently affecting the automotive industry such as traffic safety programs, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, and emissions. UMITRI also offers facilities and services, including field data collection, child safety seat performance evaluation, and a driving simulator.