Euronext is the official stock exchange for several European countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the UK. Its official website provides several stock services, including equities, listings, bonds, exchange-traded products (ETPs), derivatives, indices, and market data. The site also includes news releases and statistics.

Scottish Development International (SDI) aims to broaden Scotland's international appeal and to develop and exploit innovative technologies and ideas. This site has information in categories such as investing in Scotland, trading with Scotland, and research and insights.

Scottish Enterprise works with the public and private sectors in Scotland in order to foster economic development in the region. The site includes events, publications, case studies, and insights into Scottish business.

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) comprises a national network of chambers of commerce. The site offers business services, membership information, business news, events, policy, and publications. The BCC annual review and annual accounts are also available in PDF. 

The mission of the UK Space Agency (UKSA) is to ensure that the UK grows a strategic capability in space-based systems, technologies, and science. This agency is at the heart of UK efforts to explore and benefit from space. The UK Space Agency leads the UK's civil space program in order to win sustainable economic growth, secure new scientific knowledge, and provide benefits to all citizens. The site includes educational resources, information about licensing, descriptions of missions and programs, and funding opportunities.

Accountancy Age provides accountancy and finance news, featured articles, jobs, training and events, and newspaper subscriptions for business and finance professionals.

This document describes several specific laws that govern freedom of contract in the United Kingdom, along with topics including choice of law, competition law issues, tax considerations, and international conventions. Prepared by: Bircham Dyson Bell LLP.

This document describes several specific Scottish laws regarding contracts and distribution. It also outlines the country’s competition and non-competition laws, tax laws, import regulations, and human rights laws. Also provided are several useful Scottish websites and their links. Prepared by: Gillespie Macandrew LLP.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) represents research-based companies that create life-saving medicines for patients. ABPI researches and develops current medicines to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of helping patients prevent diseases. This site includes information on industry achievements as well as a future outlook on medicinal research. 

The Bank of England promotes and maintains monetary and financial stability in the UK. The site provides links to monetary policy, banknotes, markets, publications, and statistics.

Based in the United Kingdom, Chemicals Industries Association (CIA) offers articles on different issues and policies, such as energy and climate change in the chemical industry. In addition, this site provides an events listing, newsroom, and members forum.

The Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100 report, provided by the Charities Aid Foundation, offers detailed information regarding the level of charitable contributions given by the largest companies in the United Kingdom. The report offers a wide variety of data ranging from a ranking of industries with the highest corporate giving totals to a summary of aggregate FTSE 100 corporate giving over the last several years. Opens in PDF.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is in charge of improving economic development and skills in the United Kingdom as well as offering information on climate change and energy bills. The site offers tools and the opportunity for grants to finance business, statistics, corporate reports, and UK government action on climate change.

The Department for Environment, Food, & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is responsible for creating policies that impact the environment and the Food and Beverage and Agriculture Industries. This site includes information regarding the policies and laws of these industries in the United Kingdom.

The Department for International Trade is the official government agency for investment promotion in the United Kingdom. Their official website includes news, announcements, documents, publications, and general department information.

The Department for Transport aims to provide leadership to the United Kingdom's transportation sector in hopes of achieving their goal of becoming a greener and more efficient transport system. This site contains recent articles and information regarding contacts and available work with the department, as well as news for potential policies.

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare and pension policy in the United Kingdom. This site contains links to relevant statistics, publications, and policies used by the DWP.

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) is responsible for the standards of health care in the United Kingdom. The DHSC sets the framework for adult social care and they authorize officials on what they should spend on social care. They promote and protect public health by taking the lead on issues such as environmental hazards to health, diseases, health promotion & education, and the safety of medicines.

The Environment Agency is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. This site provides environmental information including statistics, publications, policies, and consultation on environmental issues. is a comprehensive listing of all trade shows and exhibitions in the UK. It serves exhibitors and exhibition companies, suppliers, and visitors. The site also provides a place to advertise and promote events.

The HM Treasury is responsible for the oversight and regulation of public finances within the United Kingdom. The site contains information on budgets, regulations, and consultations, as well as a directory of published and upcoming statistics.

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) is a trade portal catering to United Kingdom businesses looking to expand their services abroad. Topics presented include foreign exchange, traveling in foreign countries, and legal issues one might encounter. While the resource is specifically written for British companies, the information provided is useful to anyone interested in global business. Many of the training services require membership fees, however, plenty of information is available for free.

Invest Northern Ireland provides a single point of reference for all business and economic information within Northern Ireland. The site includes information on how to start a business in Northern Ireland, as well as ways to invest. Also provided are numerous links to useful information such as trade statistics, company info, and the latest news.

The London Stock Exchange website provides real-time trading data, as well as specific information for traders and brokers, companies and advisers, and specialist issuers.

This is the main government website for the United Kingdom. This site provides information on the country's services, departments, and policy. Also provided are a number of publications and statistics regarding the UK. 

This news source, geared toward marketing professionals in the United Kingdom, offers articles on the latest marketing news on a variety of topics and companies. In addition to the latest news, the site features a list of events, directory, and job offers in marketing.

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the government agency responsible for ensuring the proper use of medicine and medical devices. The MHRA is an executive agency of the Department of Health.

The Ministry of Defence's (MOD) main mission is to protect the United Kingdom and provide a guarantee of security and independence, while also projecting its values and interests abroad. Their responsibilities include information on air safety and aviation, defense estate, military equipment, and environmental protection.

MisterWhat provides an extensive business directory of companies located in the United Kingdom. Users have the ability to search for a specific business type and location. Users are also able to sort businesses by regions, such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, or the greater London area. 

The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) promotes biological standardization to assure the quality of biological medicines. NIBSC conducts pharmaceutical research and consults on issues of biological medicine safety and efficacy.

NHS Prescription Services is a service that calculates how much pharmacists should be paid as reimbursement for medicines and medical devices dispensed to patients from NHS prescription forms. NHS Prescription Services provides information to prescribers and organizations, making available financial and drug information.

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom regulates TV and radio sectors, mobiles, postal services, and airwaves. Ofcom ensures the efficacy of communication and competitiveness in the media industry. The site provides information regarding Ofcom's policies and guidelines, annual reports and plans, and available job opportunities within the industry.

The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce is a business tool for locating the companies and people in Guernsey. The site contains information about the chamber and the services they provide. Also included on the site is the latest news and events, as well as a directory and information on joining the chamber. 

The online version of the publication The Times offers a business section that provides users with current events and other business news relevant to the United Kingdom. There are also sections of news that provide business news on a global scale, news about UK growth, and entrepreneurship news. The site requires a subscription fee to read full articles, but a preview of articles are given for free.

This site provides analysis and statistics on the financial services industry in the United Kingdom. They provide advice on trade policy, taxation, regulation, and other matters that affect the sector. Users have access to free reports which cover sectors such as private equity, commodities trading, and securities.

Formerly known as the Britain Yearbook, this is the definitive overview of the UK in text, figures, tables, maps, charts, and color photographs. The publication is available here for free, in PDF. This issue covers the UK and its people, the system of government, overseas relations, defense; education, the labor market, social protection, health services, criminal and civil justice, religion, culture, media and communications, sport, environmental protection, planning and housing, transport; the economy, public finance, international trade and investment, science, engineering and technology, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and finance and other services.