Uruguay XXI is the Investment and Export Promotion Agency for Uruguay. Also known as the Promoción de Inversiones y Exportaciones, Uruguay XXI works to internationalize the country's economy by attracting investment from other nations and promoting exports. The agency seeks to work with foreign and domestic clients in attracting business for Uruguay. 

The Central Bank of Uruguay, the country's primary financial institution, is the Banco Central del Uruguay. The bank issues bills and acts as the government's financial adviser. The site provides economic and financial information, relevant statistics, and various economic publications.

The Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay S.A., also known as the Bolsa Electronica de Valores del Uruguay S.A., acts to maintain and improve the financial markets. This website provides market price data as well as information regarding the country's financial institutions. Only available in Spanish.

The Ministry of Public Health, also known as the Ministerio de Salud Pública, is responsible for establishing policies and strategies to protect the public health of Uruguay. The ministry informs the public and officials of potential public health issues, takes emergency measures for severe public health conditions, and trains employees on how to comply with regulatory legislation. Only available in Spanish. 

The National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay aims to improve trade, services, and the private sector of the national economy. This site provides information on foreign trade, business support, legal advice, commerce reports, and publications.

Uruguay's National Institute of Statistics, also known as the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE), is the official statistics site for the country. It provides a variety of indicators, demographics, and other statistical information. Only available in Spanish. 

This is the official government website of the Uruguayan government. It contains news and information on the governmental branches of Uruguay. Only available in Spanish. 

The Regulatory Unit of Communication Services, also known as the Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones, regulates and controls the activities of telecommunications and postal services in Uruguay. This includes ensuring universal access to services, promoting competition in the media industry, setting tariffs that reflect the economy, and maintaining the protection of users' rights. This site is only available in Spanish.