The Colombian Venezuelan Chamber, also known as Cámara Colombo Venezolana, is an economic integration chamber and a private organization with a goal to strengthen trade and investment between Colombia and Venezuela. Publications and economic research articles on business issues in both countries are provided on the site. There are also categories for events within the organization and services for businesses in the two countries. Only available in Spanish.

Fedecámaras is a non-profit organization formed by private business economic entities that work to strengthen the Venezuelan enterprise system. Its site offers numerous services such as business news, economic indicators, events, and publications. It also has a directory of its affiliated organizations. Available in Spanish only.

As the main government page of Venezuela, this site includes information on the country's government and ministries, as well as news and events. Available only in Spanish.

The Caracas Stock Exchange is a Venezuelan stock exchange that provides information and facilitates in the negotiation of financial instruments.

The Central Bank of Venezuela formulates and carries out monetary policy by participating in the design and implementation of exchange rate policy, administering international reserves, and regulating currency, credit, and interest rates. The site offers a number of financial publications, statistics, and policies. The site is only available in Spanish.

The National Commission of Telecommunications in Venezuela (CONATEL), also known as the Comision Nacional de Telecomunicaciones, promotes citizen participation in the regulation and promotion of telecommunications. CONATEL promotes further development of telecommunications and strives to bring the institution to all areas of the country, enhancing the media industry. This website is only available in Spanish.

Venezuelan Analysis provides details on the history of and current news on the Venezuelan economy.  The site also has opinion articles on a variety of subjects such as international relations, economy, labor, and oil and gas.

The Venezuelan Council of Investment Promotion (CONAPRI) includes a wealth of information regarding business opportunities in the various business sectors of Venezuela. The site also provides information on business consulting and investing in Venezuela. Users can also subscribe to the e-magazine. Resource only available in Spanish.