The Doing Business in Yemen guide contains useful and relevant information on doing business in the country. The guide overviews exporting; how to do business; standards; business etiquette, language, and culture; trade agreements; and how to invest. Opens in PDF.

The website of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen includes reference information on the embassy, explores various issues of interest to the country, and provides links and resources for the user. The site is not frequently updated, but the majority of the information provided is not time sensitive. 

The online version of Yemen Post is updated hourly with breaking news from Yemen, the Gulf Region, and the Middle East. The business section covers articles relating to business, finance, economics, and various other topics.

The Yemen General Investment Authority aims to facilitate ongoing investment across Yemen through a partnership with the private sector and other stakeholders. The site provides news, links to Yemen laws, investment information, and other helpful resources.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade provides news about the industries that operate within Yemen as well as news pertaining to the whole business sector. They also provide a directory of the companies in Yemen and publish a variety of statistics and reports regarding industry and trade. Statistics and reports are free to download in a variety of formats. The website is available in Arabic.

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTIT) of Yemen aims to provide, develop, and expand the spread of telecommunications and postal services in the republic. This site mostly contains information regarding the ministry, its communication foundation, and the postal authority. Only available in Arabic.