In order to meet your quality expectations, we have developed the following list of criteria to evaluate the posting of links in our website:

  1. Supportive
    Resources should aid the research activities of academicians, students, and business people who are engaged in international business.
  2. Credible
    The source name should be included in the commentary, if it is not obvious from the title of the resource and especially if it's a well-known provider.
  3. Accurate
  4. Relevant
    The source should have significant business/international focus for either commercial or academic research.
  5. Fresh
    It should be noted in the commentary if the resource is updated on a daily basis. If it appears the site has not been updated recently, it can still be included if it provides valuable information not found elsewhere. In this case, mention in the commentary when the last update occurred.
  6. Open (see exception case #1)
    The resource should be publicly available, and users should have FREE access to the information provided. It should be noted in the commentary if any sections/services for the resource are provided for a fee or based on registration even if it's free.
  7. Non-Promotional
    The resource should have a non-commercial intent and mostly an academic and/or informational orientation.
  8. Unique (see exception case #2)
    Note: Resources are screened for acceptance, not for rejection.

Exceptions to the rules (judgment call/consultation):

  • Case #1: Resource satisfies all but not criteria #6
    If the site is providing essential information to the audience of globalEDGE™ (international business academicians/students/businesspeople) that is not provided for free by any other site.
  • Case #2: Resource satisfies all but not criteria #8
    If it is a critical resource for a region/country that may be underrepresented in the category, then grant listing and add a note to the commentary.
    In certain circumstances, when a category is overly competitive (populated), submissions will be subject to much stricter standards. Only the sites that offer a number of unique characteristics and qualities will be listed.