We are inviting corporations and foundations to become sponsoring partners of the International Business Center at Michigan State University (MSU-IBC). By becoming a partner, companies help MSU-IBC maintain its position as one of the world's leading international business resources. As a return on their investment, firms gain increased global visibility and enhanced access to a depth and breadth of people, knowledge and ideas in the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University.


Rapid globalization of markets and the increasing intensity of international competition dictate new modes of thinking and acting for business executives as well as business educators. To better understand the international marketplace, MSU-IBC has launched a research and initiative in partnership with industry and government. We provide leadership in three key areas:

  • Research-Based Knowledge Creation
  • Development of Learning Materials and Programs
  • Dissemination of Best-Practices Useful Knowledge

MSU-IBC is uniquely qualified to take a leadership role in research and education on international business. Key MSU resources include its world-leading globalEDGE™ knowledge portal (https://globaledge.msu.edu, which attracts about 2 million hits per month from business executives, public policy makers, scholars, and students), nation-leading study abroad program, and plethora of International Resource Centers (languages, international development, international agriculture, international health, women in international development, and area studies).

ROI for Your Corporation

  • You will have direct access to the leading thinkers in the fields of global strategy shaping the world of business and industry. You will also receive advance notice of Executive Education programs and access to customized education programs.
  • You will establish a close relationship with a dynamic research and learning environment to test new ideas and approaches to global operations - as related to your company's strategic priorities. You will be able to shape your company's future with access to information and ideas from the world's leading faculty and researchers in global strategy.
  • You will receive personal assistance in recruiting and hiring the best and brightest MBA Students from one of the world's top-ranked business schools (particularly in supply chain management, product development, and global strategy).
  • You will gain the ability to leverage the best of both Michigan State University and the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management to help your company achieve its business objectives when you collaborate with MSU-IBC.

Sponsoring Partnership Levels

We are seeking sponsoring partners at various levels ranging from scholarships for students who want to study abroad ($500-$1000 per student) to larger-level endowment funding for the Center. In the latter case, naming rights to the Center is a possibility. Each sponsor will be provided with the benefits described above under "ROI for Your Corporation." Additionally:

  • Sponsorships in excess of $50,000 per year will be offered: (1) a seat on the MSU-IBC Executive Board; (2) a dedicated and secure web portal providing access to globalEDGE™ resources specifically targeted to your corporation's industry and global marketplace: and, (3) recognition on the globalEDGE™ website.
  • Sponsorships in excess of $100,000 per year will be offered all of the items mentioned above plus one free global strategy benchmark- research project per year.
  • An Endowment sponsorship ($1 million or more as a one time gift) will be offered additional naming rights and services.

For more information, please contact:

Ahmet Kirca, Director, MSU-IBC
Eli Broad College of Business
Eppley Center
645 N. Shaw Lane Rm. 7
East Lansing, Michigan 48864-1121
Phone: 517-353-4336
Email: ciber@msu.edu