Cengage provides innovative learning materials in fourteen disciplines for the higher and secondary education markets as well as the professional, corporate, and retail business education environments. Cengage has a strong publishing presence in accounting, taxation, business law, and keyboarding. It also publishes in business communications, career readiness, decision sciences, economics, finance, management, marketing, office technology, and real estate.

Emerald is a leading English language publisher of academic and professional literature in business, management, economics, library and information studies, social sciences, engineering, language, linguistics, and transport. Emerald offers journals, books, ebooks, bibliographic databases, and case studies in accounting, finance, human resource management, and marketing among other business topics.

Macmillan Learning provides higher education resources for instructors and students on a variety of courses including chemistry, psychology, nutrition, mathematics, and economics. The website offers eBooks, custom solutions, textbooks, and high school/AP resources. The site also contains course materials to help support instructors including eLearning materials, course packs, and online skill practices.

McGraw-Hill Education provides resources for educators, administrators, parents, students, and professionals. The website features online modules and a catalog section for textbooks in each subject area including accounting, business communication, economics, finance, business law, management and organization, marketing, and management information systems, among several others. McGraw-Hill publishes the market-share leading textbooks in international business by Charles W. L. Hill and G. Tomas M. Hult.

Pearson Higher Education publishes a long collection of print and electronic content designed to help higher education professors instruct and students learn. The website features course resources, course modules, a catalog for textbooks in various disciplines, support materials for faculty, resources for online and library research, as well as downloadable materials for instructors.

Routledge publishers provide a wide range of academic resources and research for instructors, students, and librarians. The website features a catalog for textbooks, eBooks, online journals, academic books, and online references in over fifty different subject areas, including business and management, finance and accounting, and economics.

Wiley publishes textbooks and other educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students as well as lifelong learners. The website features online eBooks, textbooks, modules, events for students, instructors, authors, and librarians. These resources focus on accounting, business management, and economics as well as other general subjects.

Wolters Kluwer provides a full range of materials including books, periodicals, CDs, and online products for attorneys, business professionals, and law students. The products cover various international topics such as taxation, economics, and paralegal education.