• Rabih al-Zubayr, a Sudanese adventurer, conquers the kingdoms of Ouadai, Baguirmim, and Kanem-Bornu, which are in present day Chad.

  • Al-Zubayr's arm is defeated by France.

  • Chad becomes a colony of France within French Equatorial Africa.

  • Chad becomes a French overseas territory with representation in the French National Assembly and a territorial parliament.

  • Chad gains independence from France.

  • Northern Chadian Aouzou strip is annexed by Libya.

  • The International Court of Justice ruled in favor of Chad's sovereignty of the Aouzou strip.

  • Chad begins exporting oil to Cameroon after opening a pipeline connection within its oil fields.

  • The World Bank suspends loans and orders the account used to collect revenues from oil to be frozen after the president backs a law to reduce the amount of money from oil revenues to be spent on development. 

  • The parliament approves the establishment of Chad's first state oil company, the Societe de Hydrocarbures du Tchad (SHT), which is expected to give Chad greater control over its energy assets. 

  • Chad and Sudan sign a peace accord, agreeing to break ties with rebel clients, normalize relations, and secure the shared border through joint military cooperation. UN peacekeepers are deployed in the countries.
  • With conflict throughout the Central African Republic, Chad closes borders with the country until further notice. 


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