• The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovers the Fiji islands, already settled by Melanesian and Polynesian populations.
  • Cakobau sells the capital, Suva, to an Australian company.
  • Cakobau and other chiefs cede Fiji and it becomes a British crown colony.
  • Plantation agriculture and indentured servitude become widespread on the island.
  • The use of indentured servitude comes to an end.
  • Fiji gains independence within the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • Fiji is declared a republic after a series of military coups.
  • Fiji makes a new constitution that rescinds the provisions favoring ethnic Fijians, allowing the country to be readmitted to the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • A military coup takes out the prime minister and sets up a military regime; the Commonwealth suspends Fiji.
  • President Iloilo repeals the constitution and imposes martial law; Fiji is suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum regional bloc.
  • The government reveals a new constitution which will give way for free elections.


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