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Regulatory Agency Sites

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) is responsible for the regulation of the broadcasting frequency spectrum in the Republic of Kosovo. The IMC grants licenses to broadcasters, promotes a competitive industry, resolves disputes among producers, and implements policies to those who provide audio and audiovisual media services.

Other Resources

The Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS) supports the development of the country by promoting and facilitating foreign investments, supporting the SME-Sector, and developing economic policies. The site provides information on the services ECIKS provides, recent economic news, and a section on past and current projects.

The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of the business community in Kosovo.  The site provides an overview of Chamber services, investment information, news, and a variety of publications.

Starting a Business in Kosovo is provided to users by the World Bank Group. The section provides information on the procedures and costs associated with setting up a business in Kosovo. The site simplifies the process to three steps and includes an estimated timeline for each step.