Key Figures

Chief of State:
President Hilda C. Heine
Head of Government:
President Hilda C. Heine


Government Name:
Republic of Marshall Islands
Recognized by the U.S. in 1979; Contains a basic Bill of Rights, outlines the government's structure and functions of each entity, and discusses the public service and finance of the country.
Government Type:
Constitutional Government in Free Association with the United States
Republic of Marshall Islands Flag
Coat of Arms of Republic of Marshall Islands

Index of Economic Freedom

There is no Index of Economic Freedom rating for Marshall Islands

Country Risk Rating

There is no Country Risk Rating for Marshall Islands

Government Branches

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle 1

Head of government and head of state. Selects cabinet members from the Nitijela.

Elected by parliament.

4 years


Supreme Court is the highest court of the land and has jurisdiction for all constitutional cases.

Judges are appointed by the cabinet on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission and upon the approval of the Nitijela.

Mandatory retirement age of 72


Elects president from its own members and serves as the main legislative body for the Marshall Islands.

33 members are elected by plurality vote in multi-member constituencies.

4 years

Regional Trade Blocs

No Regional Trade Blocs

International Organization Participation [2]

Environmental Agreements [3]

Tax Information [2]

Tax Authority:
Information not available
Tax Name:
Information not available


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